Lead a Study Abroad Program

Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal to lead or co-lead a short-term study abroad program at Valencia! You must be a full-time employee at the college in order to apply to lead or co-lead a study abroad program. Please see the timeline below for important dates and deadlines.

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Steps to Submit a Study Abroad Proposal

  • 1Attend the Study Abroad Program Leader Certificate classes in the Fall Term. Please note that this is a mandatory requirement in order to lead or co-lead a study abroad program.
  • 2Anyone interested in leading a study abroad program or participating as a program leader-in-training (PLIT) on a study abroad program must complete an  Intent to Lead a Study Abroad Program Form. The form gives you approval to go to the next step in the process, which is to complete the proposal form. NOTE: You are NOT required to complete this form for sabbaticals or Endowed Chair travel. Get your dean and campus president signatures and submit to the SAGE Office by October 1st.
  • 3Please submit your completed proposal by February 28th.

    In order to submit a completed application, you will need the following documents to submit as part of your proposal:

    Official Course outline from CIM
    Program Proposal Packet
    Program Proposal Expense Worksheet
    Program Provider Proposal
    List of Third Party Providers
  • 4 The SAGE Committee will review completed proposal packets based off of  rubric and  ranking instructions. Evaluators and final rubric scores remain anonymous. Requestors are notified of their proposal status before the Endowed Chair deadline. If approved, eligible program leaders are encourages to apply for additional scholarship funding by submitting a request for an Endowed Chair through the Valencia Foundation.

Program Providers

Below is a list of third party providers recommended by the SAGE Office.

Using any program provider will require a signed agreement each year. Once you have selected a program provider, you must contact the SAGE office to review the logistics and obtain a signed agreement.

Proposal Submission Timeline

  • Program Leader Certification for Next Year
  • Request Form Due for International Travel for Next Year
  • Proposal Deadline for Next Year
  • Final Proposal Decision for Next Year
  • Next Year Implementation Begins
  • Scholarship Award Notification for Next Year
  • Spring Break Programs Student Application Deadline for Current Year
  • Summer A Programs Student Application Deadline for Current Year
  • Summer B Programs Student Application Deadline for Current Year

Program Leader-in-Training (PLIT) Mentorship

This program is designed for full-time employees who have never led a study abroad program before and who would like to gain experience in order to lead their own program in the future. Below are the requirements to become a PLIT and steps to apply. Please note: It is not required to PLIT before leading a study abroad program.

Suzette Dohany discusses what it's like to be a study abroad mentee

Application Process

  • Contact the SAGE Office to identify which study abroad programs are in need of a PLIT.
  • Complete the  Program Leader-in-Training Proposal Form. Supervisor and campus president signatures required.
  • (attach document)
  • Submit the form to the SAGE Office (4-34) no later than September 1st.

Selection Process

The PLIT process is highly competitive and funding is limited. The SAGE Committee determines which programs are in need of a PLIT.


Costs that are covered by SAGE
  •  Airfare
  •  Accommodations
  •  In country transportation
  •  Program Registration Fees
  •  Meals covered by program provider
  •  Entrance Fees
  •  Medical/Personal Liability Insurance
Costs that are NOT covered by SAGE
  •  Additional meals not covered by program provider
  •  Airport transfer and parking fees at Orlando International Airport
  •  Passport fees
  •  Airline upgrades
  •  Extra baggage fees
  •  Personal spending money

Participation Requirements

Program participants must

  • Begin SAGE Certifictate sequence and complete Stewardship as a Study Abroad Leader
  • Attend all SAGE meetings
  • Attend all class pre-departure and re-entry meetings
  • Assist in marketing and recruiting students
  • Communicate effectively with the SAGE Office, mentor, and third party provider
  • Submit the program evaluation upon return
  • Submit a proposal to lead a study abroad program within two years