Funding Study Abroad 

Short-Term Study Abroad Scholarships

The SAGE office has scholarship funding from the Valencia Foundation and Student Development to help offset the costs of short-term study abroad. Please note the following:

  1. The scholarship amount for short-term study abroad changes each year and is listed on each program's webpage.
  2. The SAGE scholarship amount cannot exceed more than 50% of the total program cost so scholarship amounts may differ across programs.
  3. Some faculty get approved for additional scholarship funding which may increase the amount of a scholarship for one particular program.

Eligibility Requirements

  •  18 years of age and have a 2.5 institutional GPA or higher 
  •  Be a degree-seeking student at Valencia College
    •  it's possible to get a scholarship after graduation as long as the program runs by the following semester (In other words, as an example, students who graduate in the fall term can get a scholarship for the spring term but not the summer term)

    •  transient or audit students do not qualify
  •  Complete 12 college level credits by time of travel
  •  Must not have any disciplinary or academic holds
  •  Have not received a study abroad scholarship within the current academic year.
  •  Completed at least one semester with Valencia within the last year.

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Financial Aid

Recent changes in federal law have made it possible for students to use some or all of their federal financial aid for semester study abroad. Full-time, Valencia students who are eligible for Financial Aid can use these funds for study abroad programs that award academic credit and grades counted towards your cumulative GPA for study. Eligibility is determined by the type of study abroad program you attend, as well as the type of financial aid you receive. Only students earning a degree at Valencia are eligible.

Financial aid can be used to support summer study, as long as you are enrolled for academic credit and you meet all other requirements. It is important to note that many students max out their financial aid prior to summer, so be sure to plan accordingly.

NOTE: You cannot use financial aid for study abroad after you graduate from Valencia! It is important to meet with a Financial Aid Services advisor prior to accepting any scholarship money to determine if it will affect your overall financial aid package. Take your budget and the course approval forms to your Financial Aid Services advisor for him or her to review to determine your eligibility. Eligibility is determined by the type of program you attend, as well as the type of financial aid you receive.


Semester Abroad Scholarships

Please see our Semester Abroad page for more details on scholarship funding for semester abroad travel.


Other Scholarships

Currently the SAGE Office is offering a full scholarship to attend the virtual European Innovation Academy, which will take place in summer 2021.  Applicants must apply through the SAGE Office before applying to the European Innovation Academy.  The scholarship will cover all the full registration fee for the recipient.  Please read the  APPLICATION PACKET carefully before submitting.  All requirements are listed directly on the application packet.  The deadline for applications is Friday, April 23, 2021.  Email the completed application packet and all supporting attachments to the SAGE Office at