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Thank you for your interest in participating in a virtual exchange. Virtual exchange connects students and professors around the world in a joint effort to collaborate on different projects, goals, learning outcomes, and discussions as part of coursework. Virtual exchange is open to any instructor at the college. Please note if you plan to incorporate virtual exchange into your classroom as part of the curriculum, you will be encouraged to attend a training session in advance. The SUNY COIL Center and the SAGE Office offer training opportunities. Please see below for more details.

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Virtual Exchange Option #1

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) is virtual exchange embedded into a credit-bearing course. COIL courses feature one or more joint collaborations with an international partner during a semester. The SAGE Office will help instructors to identify international partners and to initiate the collaboration before the semester begins. Partner instructors will work together to design and implement a COIL collaboration customized to the needs, discipline, and goals of the class. If interested in this opportunity, the SAGE Office will also sponsor instructors to take the SUNY COIL training when funding is available. To start the COIL process, please fill out this form and send to

Faculty Testimonial: "During summer 2020, I was able to take the SUNY COIL professional development courses and find a partner through the SUNY COIL network. The SAGE Office helped sponsor my attendance in the PD courses and establish connections with my partner institution. It was a successful run for my first COIL collaboration where my IT Capstone students collaborated with Astrophysics students in Mexico on a joint project where they were able to create databases and websites for asteroid queries and tracking. It was an excellent learning opportunity for students where they could learn across cultures and disciplines in a real-life project-based experience. SUNY COIL offers plenty of opportunities for new professors to get involved." – Professor Jerry Hensel, Computer Programming and Analysis

Virtual Exchange Option #2

Co-Curricular Virtual Exchange

Co-curricular virtual exchange can be integrated into experiences outside of the classroom. For example, virtual exchange projects and discussions have been incorporated into club activities and international events, such as International Education Week. If you are interested in a co-curricular virtual exchange, please contact the SAGE Office at

Faculty Testimonial: "We had our internationalization toolkit on the SAGE website for nearly three years. One day, unexpectedly, in the summer of 2018, we got an email from a representative from UNIPAMPA, which is a university in southern Brazil. The rep looked at our toolkit and was excited to see we had a computer repair shop and wanted to know if students from her institution could collaborate with students from our Tech Club on a joint project. Once we met each other, we decided to create a project where students could practice their programming skills using Python. The goal of the project was to program a digital robot to move around an obstacle course by using programming. Ultimately, Tech Club students were very successful in learning about each other’s cultures and collaborating on a technology project with students from another country." – Professor Heith Hennel, Information Technology

Global Guest Speakers

In 2020, SAGE launched the new Global Guest Speaker (GGS) initiative, with the goal being to bring in industry experts from around the world to engage with faculty and students. GGS supports discipline-specific and cross-cultural learning outcomes, as well as reinforces the institutional objective of internationalizing the curriculum. Bringing a global guest speaker into the classroom is a pedagogical technique that moves students beyond prescribed classroom activities and gives them the unique opportunity to experience real-world perspectives and interact with industry professionals. From an internationalizing the curriculum perspective, featuring guest speakers from around the world exposes students to global practices, global markets, and cultural/ethical principles.

The SAGE Office supports administrators and faculty members in the planning phase of bringing in a guest speaker, where SAGE works with stakeholders to establish the purpose, focus, and target audience for a GGS session. SAGE assists with making connections with third-party providers and/or guest speakers and facilitating necessary paperwork. If a speaker requires payment, SAGE can help to work with the department’s budget or external funding sources. When the SAGE Office has funding available, SAGE can also help to sponsor a speaker. Finally, SAGE will help with logistics, scheduling, marketing, and running the virtual meeting. Ready to book a speaker? Contact the SAGE Office at