College Access Stories

We know that education has the power to transform lives. We know that that a student who earns a degree has the chance to lift his or her family out of poverty. But the benefits of a college education extend beyond just income; research shows that college-educated residents are better informed citizens, critical thinkers and lifelong learners. At Valencia, we are dedicated to making access to college or other postsecondary training possible for everyone.

Nadia Vidal

A journey of exploration: Nadia Vidal came to Valencia College in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Now she's exploring a future as an oceanographer.

Dalton Joseph

Dalton Joseph came to Valencia College with one goal: to beat the odds.

Marc Aristide

From struggling math student to a bachelor's degree graduate on a management track, Marc Aristide credits Valencia's small classes and personal attention with helping him succeed. 

Angela Murphy

Angela Murphy spent most of her adult life working in a dental office, making little more than minimum wage. But when she decided to go to college, she discovered it wasn’t too late to live her dreams.