NOTE: Effective Fall 2021, the School of Nursing will implement curriculum changes to the
Traditional Associate in Science in Nursing (ASN) program. Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the new admission requirements for the Traditional Associate in Science Nursing (A.S.N.) program?
Starting in 2021-2022 academic year, as approved by the Valencia College Curriculum Committee, the following are the new admission course prerequisites required to be completed with a minimum combined GPA of 3.0 and a minimum grade of C. Students must also have an overall/cumulative college GPA of 3.0.

  • ENC1101 Freshman Composition I (3.0 Credits)
  • BSC1010C General Biology I (4.0 Credits) – Prerequisite for BSC2093C
  • HUM Humanities (Core or Institutional) (3.0 Credits)
  • MGF1106 Liberal Arts Math I, or any General Education math (3.0 Credits)
  • PSY2012, General Psychology (3.0 Credits)
  • BSC2093C Human Anatomy and Physiology I (4.0 Credits)
  • DEP2004 Developmental Psychology (3.0 Credits)
  • HUN2202 Essentials of Nutrition with Diet Therapy (3.0 Credits)
  • MCB2010C Microbiology (4.0 Credits) . 

Update: Traditional ASN Prerequisite 3.0 GPA Calculation: 
To assist students in the transition of applying to the new admission requirements for Traditional Nursing (ASN), a temporary procedure is in effect for calculating the prerequisite GPA.

If a student’s BSC1010C General Biology I grade has lowered their prerequisite GPA (calculation amounts to less than the required 3.0), then the grade from completing BSC2094C Human Anatomy and Physiology II (prior to applying) may be used in the prerequisite GPA calculation if the grade earned in BSC2094C is higher than the grade earned in BSC1010C. This does NOT replace the BSC1010C requirement. Students must have BSC1010C completed with a ‘C’ or higher to meet the program Admission and Graduation requirement.  Effective Spring 2022 through Summer 2023 admission cycles.

I applied for the Summer 2021 Nursing program prior to the January 15th deadline but did not get selected for a seat – how will this impact my program admission?
As an eligible applicant from the prior admission cycle, if you were not selected for a seat in the Summer 2021 A.S.N. program, your application will be considered for the Fall 2021 start. You will not need to reapply. This means that you will need to meet the graduation requirements for the degree after acceptance – which will include completion of the following General Education courses prior to ASN graduation:

  • BSC1010C General Biology I (4.0 Credits)
  • MGF1106 Liberal Arts Math I, or any General Education math (3.0 Credits)

When will the new application for the Traditional Nursing programs become available?
The date for acceptance of new applications to the School of Nursing is still to be determined. An update will be posted when the application will become available, prospectively for the Summer 2022 term.

How can I apply for the Valencia College/UCF Concurrent Nursing program?
You may find application information on the School of Nursing webpage for updates on the upcoming application cycle for Fall 2021 admission consideration for the Concurrent Nursing program. The application is anticipated to open on June 1, 2021 and close with the deadline of June 15, 2021. Please note that this option is designed for students who would like to earn an A.S. degree in Nursing, while also taking B.S.N. courses offered by UCF. When complete, students earn their A.S. degree from Valencia College and over half of their B.S.N. credits at UCF.

Students who are interested in the Concurrent program must follow our application procedures and requirements with Valencia College as well as the University of Central Florida application requirements. Due to the timing of the announcement of curriculum changes, students who apply for the Fall 2021 VC/UCF Concurrent program will be admitted based on 2020 – 2021 Admission requirements (See Admission Checklist for details), but will need to complete the required General Education outlined in the new curriculum for Graduation purposes.

How can I keep up to date on the upcoming A.S.N. changes?
Specific program information and upcoming program announcements can be found on our School of Nursing program webpages, the college catalog and the updated  Program Guide for 2021-2022. We also highly encourage that you meet with a Pending Nursing Program Advisor to determine program eligibility. A referral can be made with your current assigned Advisor, the virtual Answer Center, or the virtual Advising Center.

For the latest information, resources and assistance, visit School of Nursing.


Are there Part-time and Full-time options for the Traditional ASN program?        

Yes. Students may choose to be either Part-time or Full-time once accepted to the Traditional ASN program, which includes those who apply to the Daytime Track, Evening/Weekend Track, and those applying as VC/UCF Concurrent students.

If I plan on taking the prerequisites at Valencia, do I need to take all the prerequisites at a particular Valencia campus?
No, you may take the prerequisite courses at any Valencia campus location. However, upon acceptance into the Nursing program, in-program nursing courses are only offered on the West and Osceola campuses.

Are the prerequisite courses offered online?
Yes, the prerequisites are offered online. However, the lab science courses have limited offerings and may not be available every term.

Will my courses from other colleges/universities transfer to Valencia?
Once you have applied to Valencia, you will need to request official transcripts to be sent from your previous institutions. The admissions office will evaluate all transcripts once they are received to determine transfer credit.

Valencia accepts credits from regionally accredited institutions; however, the nursing program has specific admission requirements. Therefore, please review the appropriate Health Science Program Guide for details.

In addition, students have the option to submit a non-equivalent coursework form via Atlas to request substitutions. Please note that submitting the request is not a guarantee of approval.

I took one nursing course at another school. Will this course transfer?
Nursing courses are not accepted in transfer, meaning that you would need to start from the beginning of the Nursing program at Valencia.

What is the schedule like if I am accepted into the Nursing program?
Nursing, Traditional Track
Estimated Time Requirements:
The Traditional program is conducted Monday through Friday, during the daytime hours. Lab and clinical hours vary each term, from 12 hours per week for the first four terms and may be during the day or evening. For most terms, students have class two days a week plus one clinical day. During the practicum in the final term, the student will follow the schedule of their preceptor, which may be any shift. Clinical and/or lab hours occasionally may be scheduled during the evening and night shifts, and/or during weekends, depending on placement with the clinical partners. Students are expected to study approximately 15 – 25 hours a week (this does not include preparation for clinical). If a student chooses to work while in the program, a maximum of 15 hours of work per week is recommended due to the demands of the program.

What is the schedule like if I am accepted into the ATN program?
Estimated Time Requirements:
The Accelerated Track in Nursing (ATN) program courses are primarily online. Students should be self-motivated and understand that online classes are equally as intensive as face-to-face classes. Each course conducts an orientation and testing on campus, with clinical hours in area hospitals. Students are given a calendar at the Program Orientation with the required clinical, lab, campus, and testing dates. There are 3 – 4 exams given on campus per term.

The first term is offered on the Osceola Campus and the remainder of the program is primarily on the West Campus. (There may be some lab/simulations and tests on the Osceola campus.)

NUR 1003C Transition into Professional Nursing is the first course in the ATN program. During NUR 1003C, students have a lab component every Wednesday. If students are efficient, they will have time to do their practice hours while on campus on Wednesdays.

Once NUR 1003C is completed, clinical experiences are one day per week. Clinical experiences are conducted in Orange and Osceola counties, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Each course in the program may have clinical on a different day. During the practicum (last course), the students will work with their preceptor on the preceptor’s schedule. Students are expected to arrange their schedules for these experiences.

What is the schedule like if I am accepted into the Valencia/UCF Concurrent ASN- BSN (Dual Enrollment) Program?
Additional Estimated Time Requirements:
Students in the Concurrent program follow the Nursing, Traditional track with additional face-to-face or online courses conducted by UCF faculty. The face-to-face classes for both Valencia and UCF are offered at the Valencia West campus; however, Nursing I and II (part of the Traditional track) are offered at both the Valencia West and Osceola campuses. The study time for the UCF classes is additional to the Valencia nursing classes.



Do you offer different Nursing programs?
Yes. Valencia College offers three different nursing tracks.
We offer a Daytime Traditional track on the West and Osceola Campuses; and also an Evening/Weekend track is offered on the West Campus only. Students cannot switch program track or campus after admitted.

Do I need to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) before I apply?
Yes, TEAS is required. TEAS scores are valid for 5 years. The examination fee is your responsibility.
For more information on the TEAS, visit Valencia’s Assessment Services page.

What is the minimum TEAS score I need to apply?    NEW: For 2021-2022, the required minimum composite score for ATI TEAS is a 65.

Please go to Health Sciences Program Guides and Updates and locate your program or attend a Health Sciences Information Session.

Can I use TEAS scores from another institution?
Yes, ATI TEAS scores can be used from another institution. Please be sure to follow the instructions on the Assessment webpage for requesting ATI TEAS scores and completing the ATI Score Matching Request Form: Valencia College Assessment Services.

What is the deadline to apply to Nursing?
All Nursing application deadlines are listed online.

Is there a waitlist to be admitted?
Nursing, Traditional Track – Please see the application deadlines for the term for which we are currently accepting applications.

Is there a waitlist for Accelerated Track in Nursing (ATN)?
No, but there is a selective admission process. Students are admitted every term (fall, spring, and summer). If students are not accepted into the term for which they applied for, they must reapply for a new term consideration.

Is there a waitlist for Nursing, Valencia/UCF Concurrent ASN- BSN (Dual Enrollment) Program
No, but there is a selective admission process. Students are admitted twice a year, for the fall and spring terms. Students could be on a waitlist prior to the start of the term which the student applied for, however, if students are not accepted into the program, they must reapply for a new term consideration.

How many students are accepted into the Nursing program and how often?

Nursing Track # of Students Terms
Traditional Evening/Weekend 40 Fall, Spring, Summer
Traditional Daytime Track 120 Fall, Spring, Summer
Valencia/UCF Concurrent ASN- BSN (Dual Enrollment) 40 Fall, Spring
ATN Program 40 Fall, Spring, Summer

Can International students on an F-1 or J-1 Visa apply to the Nursing program?
Effective Fall 2017, Valencia College will begin accepting applications from International Students interested in applying to the Traditional Nursing program only (this excludes the Accelerated Track in Nursing and Concurrent programs) – please be sure to check the Program Guide of your program of interest prior to applying.

Where do I send my application when I’m ready to apply?
Please see our Program Applications page for all Nursing application instructions.

Please make sure you have met all admission requirements and your application is complete, as missing documentation or requirements can result in denied admission. All nursing prerequisites and the TEAS must be completed PRIOR to submitting a Nursing application.

How long will it take once I am in the nursing program?

Details in the 2021-2022 Catalog
Nursing Track Terms
Nursing, Traditional Track 5
Valencia/UCF Concurrent ASN- BSN (Dual Enrollment) Program 7 – 8
Accelerated Track (ATN) 3

Can I choose where I want to go for clinical?
In the Nursing, Traditional Track program, students choose at the point of registration (first-come, first-serve clinical selection).

In the Accelerated Track in Nursing program, students choose at the point of registration (first-come, first-serve clinical selection). 

Is the Valencia Nursing Program accredited?
Yes, the Valencia Nursing Program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).

What is the NCLEX-RN pass rate of graduates?
The Valencia Nursing Program graduate is fully prepared for the licensure exam; National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN). The pass rate for Valencia Nursing graduates is between 90% and 100%.

Is financial aid available?
Yes, please visit Valencia’s financial aid page for more information.

Will an Associate Degree in Nursing transfer to a BSN program?
Valencia College offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

Is Nursing offered on all Valencia College campuses?
Nursing, Traditional Track
Valencia College Traditional Daytime Nursing Track is offered on West and Osceola Campuses only. The Traditional Evening/Weekend Nursing Track is offered on the West Campus only. Students cannot switch campuses or program track after they are admitted.

The Accelerated Track in Nursing first term is offered on the Osceola Campus and the remainder of the program is primarily on the West Campus. (There may be some lab/simulations and tests on the Osceola campus.)

English is not my first language. Can I still be successful in nursing?
Yes. A medical terminology course is strongly recommended for those whose first language is not English.

I have a learning disability and need extra time for testing. What accommodations can be made?
Please check with the Office of Student Disabilities.

Am I required to come to a Valencia Health Sciences Information Session?
You are strongly encouraged to attend a Valencia Health Sciences Information Session.

Where can I find more information about the Nursing, Valencia/UCF Concurrent ASN- BSN (Dual Enrollment) Program?
Program information, application criteria and application process, deadlines, advising, financial aid, sample plan of study, and more are available through UCF’s College of Nursing website and the Valencia College Traditional Nursing Program (students accepted to the VC/UCF Concurrent program are also admitted as Valencia Traditional Nursing students).

Is tutoring and other support available?
Yes. Classroom instructors are the first and best resource for assistance. The Valencia Nursing Program has a tutor for in-program students. Smart Thinking online tutoring is also available for pending Nursing and in-program Nursing students at Valencia (Login to Atlas, Courses tab, My Courses – Tutoring (online) – Smart Thinking).