Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)


The ATI TEAS Version 7 exam will be released on June 3, 2022. All exams taken on June 3, 2022 and after will be proctored with the new ATI TEAS, Version 7 exam blueprint. Visit ATI TEAS, Version 7 webpage for more information. 

  1. Effective June 7, 2022, virtual TEAS testing directly with Valencia will no longer be offered. Alternatively, our on-campus testing availability has been expanded for your convenience. 
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  4. TEAS Policies
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About the ATI TEAS

For information regarding the ATI TEAS,  please review the content changes.

Valencia Health Sciences information and website

Minimum ATI TEAS scores for the nursing program 

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is required to enter most Health Sciences programs.

The ATI TEAS is a computerized test consisting of 170 multiple choice questions with a time limit of 209 minutes for the test.

  • Reading contains 53 questions and is timed at 64 minutes
  • Mathematics contains 36 questions and is timed at 54 minutes
  • Science contains 53 questions and is timed at 63 minutes
  • English and Language Usage contains 28 questions and is timed for 28 minute.

Virtual proctoring for the TEAS is done through Proctorio, a Google Chrome extension. Please note the following information that is unique to taking the TEAS virtually: 

  • Test sessions are recorded through Proctorio for review by ATI security teams.
  • Both audio and video will be recorded.
  • You will be required to use a webcam to show a scan of the room you plan to test in.
  • You will need to verify your identity by showing a current government issued photo ID.


Guidelines for Taking The TEAS

  • The test is 4 sections and is timed at a total of 209 minutes (3 hours and 29 minutes) with each section having its own time limit.
  • All testing must be completed in one sitting.
  • We advise setting aside a total of 4 hours to test.
  • Virtual calculators will be provided on screen during the sections they are allowed.
  • Use of outside electronic devices is not permitted.
  • You are allowed to have one sheet of scrap paper and a writing utensil with you.
  • If you do not begin your exam within 15 minutes of your scheduled time you will not be admitted into the test and will have to reschedule your exam.
  • You will need to have a current government issued photo ID with you. 
  • The TEAS test is always proctored as a package, you cannot take specific sections of the test.

ATI TEAS Testing Policies

  • By making an appointment with Valencia College, you are agreeing to follow the rules presented by ATI at the beginning of your exam.
  • Students must hear and agree ATI’s greeting and Copyright information prior to taking the TEAS exam.
  • Testing for other institutions is allowed. However, any test scores that do not meet Valencia’s testing policy will NOT be valid for Valencia Health Science admission. Students are advised to get approval from their institutions before testing at Valencia.

TEAS On-Campus Testing

Appointments are required for all on-campus testing.

Make an appointment by clicking on your desired campus below (Active Valencia students only): 

Valencia Student- $65 per test

TEAS is currently not available at  Downtown, East and Poinciana Campus. 

NOTE: Assessment staff may contact you regarding your appointment via phone and/or email provided on your registration. 

Before On-Campus Test Day

In order to test, you will need to create an account at ATItesting.com. Follow these steps to do so:

    1. Navigate to ATItesting.com
    2. Select "I'm a Nursing Student"
    3. Click on ”Create an account”
    4. Follow prompts
    5. For  Institution select: Valencia College ADN
    6. Create a user name and password
    7. Do NOT select a test. You will receive a test ID after you make an appointment.
    8. You’ll need to remember or have the user ID and password you created on the date of the test, so you may want to write it down

On-Campus Test Day Preparation

  • Bring your government-issued photo ID on test day- acceptable forms of ID include:
    • A current driver’s license
    • A current state or federal ID card (such as a Green Card)
    • A current passport
  • Personal items will not be permitted in the Testing Center. NO large bags or purses allowed
  • Arrive on time to your appointment or you might need to be re-scheduled
  • Testing candidates are the only persons allowed in the Testing Center. Relatives/friends must wait outside of the Testing Center. Children are not to be left unattended in the Testing Center lobby or anywhere outside during the duration of testing


Virtual TEAS Testing

Before You Make a Virtual Appointment

Review the Minimum Virtual Requirements
To complete the TEAS virtually, there are a few minimum requirements you will need in order to test. The following are the basic requirements for taking the TEAS virtually:

  • A quiet room to test in (you will need to show the room on camera).
  • A stable internet connection.
  • Desktop or Laptop computer (NO iPads, tablets, or phones are to be used).
  • Google Chrome Browser
  • Microphone: Any microphone, either internal or external.
  • Webcam- your face must be in view during the entire testing session or scores will be invalidated. 

If you do not have all of the requirements listed above, you will not be able to take your TEAS virtually and should not make an appointment.

Create an ATItesting.com Account
In order to test, you will need to create an account at ATItesting.com. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Navigate to ATItesting.com
  2. Select "I'm a Nursing Student"
  3. Click on ”Create an account”
  4. Follow prompts
  5. For  Institution select: Valencia College ADN
  6. Create a user name and password
  7. Do NOT select a test. You will receive a test ID after you make an appointment.
  8. You’ll need to remember or have the user ID and password you created on the date of the test, so you may want to write it down.

Complete a Virtual Practice/Dry Run
To ensure that your computer has all the proper hardware required to take the TEAS exam with Proctorio, ATI has created a process called a "dry run". This process allows you to troubleshoot any issues in a low-risk environment that might occur when you attempt to test on your appointment date. It mimics the exact process you will complete before taking your actual exam and takes only about 15 minutes to complete.

We highly recommend that you complete the dry run before scheduling your appointment to avoid technical complications. Delays in starting your exam due to technical complications may require that your exam be rescheduled. Please make sure that you complete the dry run on the computer you intend to use on your testing date. 

To initiate the dry run process, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your ATI account (if you do not have an account, click here to see the instructions on how to create one).
  2. Navigate to the My ATI tab in your student account.
  3. Select the Test tab. There you will see a box labeled “Remote Proctoring Dry Run.”
  4. Click "begin" to start your dry run.

If you encounter any issues during your dry run you may contact ATI Support at 1-800-667-7531. If you have successfully completed your dry run, continue below to make an appointment to take your TEAS exam.

Make your Virtual Appointment
Use the link below to make your appointment. Please note the testing fee amounts — fees are non-refundable, and prices are subject to change

TEAS Appointment Link

  • Valencia Student- $65 per test
  • Non-Valencia Student- $85 per test

Note: You may reschedule your appointment up to 5 hours before your appointment time. To reschedule, follow the instructions found by clicking here.

Day of Your Virtual Appointment
Follow instructions sent via email.

  • The day before your appointment, you will receive an email from one of our proctors with a product code to begin your exam.
  • The email will provide detailed instructions on how to begin your TEAS exam virtually.
  • DO NOT follow the instructions until your appointment time as this will immediately begin your exam.
  • Virtual testing sessions are recorded and subject to review, any infractions of these rules will be considered cheating and may result in your scores being invalidated. NOTE: Your face must be in webcam view during the entire testing session or scores will be invalidated. 


TEAS Review Material
Below are TEAS Reviews created by Valencia Staff. Click on the appropriate link and self-enroll in the Canvas courses to review materials in preparing to take the TEAS.

Please note that you must be a current Valencia student to access these materials.

ATI, the official provider of prep for the exam, recommends that you allow yourself at least six weeks to prepare for the exam. 

TEAS Retakes

  • If you need to retake the TEAS, you may schedule another appointment using the link on this page.
  • TEAS may be taken 3 times in a 12-month period; this includes tests taken at other institutions. Number of attempts is calculated from the anniversary of your first attempt.
  • You must wait 30 days between tests. Retakes may be taken on the 31st day of your prior attempt.

TEAS Scores

  • You may view your results immediately upon completion of your exam and continue to view them at any time through your ATI account by navigating to the “My Results” tab at the top of your ATI homepage.
  • If you are a current Valencia student, you will have your scores attached to your ATLAS account within 24 hours of test completion. You can view your test scores though your ATLAS account following the steps located here:  How to View Your Scores.
  •  If you are applying to programs outside of Valencia, it is necessary to send your scores to your chosen program through your ATI account.
  • The Assessment Department does NOT set the minimum scores needed for any Health Sciences programs. To know what the scores needed for your program are, please contact the Health Sciences department. For more information about Health Sciences please visit their website.

TEAS Transcripts

  • ATI TEAS scores may be used for five years. Scores on record may be used for admission criteria if test dates are less than five years old at the time of the program application.
  • Valencia Nursing Programs do not accept TEAS V scores.
  • If you would like to transfer scores from tests taken at Valencia College, go to the ATI testing online store, click on TEAS Transcripts. You will be asked to fill out a form. The scores will be sent electronically.
  • Valencia will accept your previous ATI TEAS scores from another institution. You may request your scores by going to ATI online stores. Please make sure your scores are sent to Valencia College (Valencia ADN). Please see TEAS transcript process.
  • ATI Score Matching Request Form
    • This request is only to match up your score report from ATI to your Valencia account. Note: You must still request your scores be sent from ATI to Valencia.
    • ATI Score Matching Request Form
    • Please note, Valencia cannot provide official scores for this test. All requests must be done through ATItesting.com