Don't Cancel That Class!

Do you have something pressing to attend right in the middle of the semester and can't find a sub? Don't Cancel That Class! Whether you are presenting at a conference, chairing your organization's regional meeting, or attending to a personal matter, we know how important it is for you and your students to continue engaging with their coursework. All the presentations are facilitated by one of our department partners and engage your students with relevant topics.

To schedule a presentation, we ask that you provide two weeks notice to allow time for facilitator confirmation. We aim to confirm within a week to allow for other arrangements, if necessary.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a presentation, please contact Michael Winters at or 407-582-1329.

Career Development

It's Your Move! Career Game

Interactive chutes and ladders-style career game focusing on career exploration.  Students will learn about resources and tools to help them succeed and take charge of their career journey. (On-campus)

Career Readiness Competencies
Career readiness prepares students for success in the workplace and lifelong career management.  This interactive presentation introduces students to the eight career-ready competencies as defined by NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) and strategies to develop them. (On-campus or RTV)

Resume and Interview Tips

In this presentation, students will learn about the importance of communicating a professional message on their resume and during an interview – it’s all about “how you write it” & “how you say it.” (On-campus or RTV)

Recognizing Ethical Issues in the Workplace

In the workplace, there are moments where we are faced with doing what’s right versus doing what’s easy.  In this scenario-based presentation, students will discuss career-related ethical dilemmas, what to do when there are no ideal options, and learn from others’ perspectives. (On-campus or RTV)



Valencia Counselors and The 5 Signs

This workshop will serve as an introduction to Valencia Counselors, services offered, resources available and an overview of The 5 Signs of Emotional Distress 


Promotion of civility, with attention to building campus civility and personal action, exploration of aspects of civility, impact of civil behaviors

Stress Management and Coping

A workshop to identify and reflect on coping skills to reduce stress

Employee Relations Team

How to Handle Conflict

Conflict is one of the most challenging aspects of the human experience. However, when one has obtained the appropriate tools, conflict can be used constructively to enhance our relationships. Learn how to tackle difficult conversations and successfully engage in conflict whether it is with family, friends, or colleagues. (On-campus or RTV)

  • To understand different types of conflict
  • To learn more about your specific communication style and how it fits with conflict
  • To increase knowledge on how to have difficult conversations
  • To develop problem-solving strategies 

Decision making

We make decisions every day. Some of these decisions are hardly thought about, while others can have a lasting impact on our lives. Have you ever thought about how your decisions are made? What about the people in your life who help you make the decisions that shape who you are and what you do? (On-campus or RTV) 

  • Be able to describe a decision making model.
  • Articulate to the people in their lives who have the power to shape their decisions.
  • Describe their own personal approach to how their decisions are made.

Learning Support

Virtual Library Research Workshops (Self-paced)
The library offers Research Workshops, a self-enrolling Canvas with self-paced modules to help students with their research assignments. Each module focuses on a different component of the research process and provides practical information and tips that students can incorporate into their papers or projects. The course works as a companion to research assignments. Faculty may assign students specific or multiple modules. Upon completion of a module, students will take an assessment in order to earn a badge. The badges are stored within the course and can be used to verify that a module’s requirements have been met. View the full list of modules here