Don't Cancel That Class!

Do you have something pressing to attend right in the middle of the semester and can't find a sub? Don't Cancel That Class! Whether you are presenting at a conference, chairing your organization's regional meeting, or attending to a personal matter, we know how important it is for you and your students to continue engaging with their coursework. All the presentations are facilitated by one of our department partners and engage your students with relevant topics.

To schedule a presentation, we ask that you provide two weeks' notice to allow time for facilitator confirmation. We aim to confirm within a week to allow for other arrangements, if necessary. If you would like to schedule more than one presentation, there is a space for additional comments.

To schedule an activity for an emergency absence (less than a week's notice) or if you have questions, please contact Amanda Forth or 407-582-5294.

Schedule a Presentation

Emergency Absences

West Campus Scavenger Hunt
Do your students know where to get help with resumes or Atlas? How about where to find study rooms or the video speech lab? This activity will get students up and moving around campus to discover uncharted resources.

Library Scavenger Hunt
Are your students aware and utilizing all the resources the Library has to offer? The West Campus Library self-guided walking tour will provide an opportunity for your students to explore and learn more about the library and its services. The tour includes ten stops covering materials check out, scanning and printing, 24/7 resources, and more. This will take up to forty-five minutes to complete.


Advising Jeopardy
Students will learn about Advising and other Valencia resources as contestants in a game of Jeopardy. Categories include Places on Campus; Valencia Secrets; Majors and Degrees; Campus Resources; Pop Culture.

Career Development

Bring on the Disruption: Let’s talk tomorrow
A different approach to career exploration using the challenge method. We also delve into the skills and innovative products of the near future.

From Coffee Beans to Dr. Henry’s Dark Roast
A career development activity.

Ready? Set? Time to go Job Hunting!
Broad overview of tips and strategies for job hunting with a focus on key areas that many job seekers struggle with.


You, Me, Us-Building Campus Civility
An exploration into living and creating a more civil society.

Wellmania: How to balance your life through holistic wellness
Items discussed include what it means to have wellness, consequences of an unbalanced life, and analysis of one’s personal wellness.

Learning Support

Are You Productive Enough?
In this workshop, students will examine what it means to be productive and strategies to help them. Productivity tools will also be discussed.

Metacognition & Learning
Taken from Dr. Saundra McGuire's work, this presentation focuses on using metacognition to drive student learning. Emphasis is placed on active vs. passive study techniques, Bloom's taxonomy, and learning strategies.

Table Topics
Interested in fostering genuine relationships with and between your students? Let us facilitate a class session or check out a set of cards to use with your class. We have the original deck and the family deck available.

Test Anxiety and How to Deal With It
Everyone experiences some level of test anxiety and this workshop will give students tips on how to better cope with their nervous habits. Topics covered in this session include causes, symptoms, relaxation techniques and how to develop a testing plan.