West Campus Tutoring Center

The West Campus Tutoring Center offers free academic assistance for Valencia and UCF students with a valid Valencia ID number.

Math tutoring is available on a walk-in basis during operating hours while all other subjects are conducted in small groups and subject to tutor availability. Check out Smarthinking online tutoring through the Courses tab in Atlas for times when the Tutoring Center is full or closed.


The Tutoring Center is open for Summer Semester! Please notice our hours have changed and tutoring is not available on Fridays. Materials check-out is available Fridays 8 am-12 pm. 

Location & Hours

College Closed


02 Sep

Materials Available For Check-Out

All materials require a valid Valencia ID card to check out. Any material returned past the designated due time is subject to a $1.20 per hour late fee.

  • math textbooks (2 hours)
  • TI-84+ graphing calculators (5 hours)
  • TI-89 graphing calculators (5 hours)
  • dry erase markers (2 hours)
  • group study rooms (2 hours)
  • headphones (5 hours)

Tutoring Center Rules

  • Treat the Tutoring Center like a classroom and be respectful
  • No mobile phone conversations in the Tutoring Center, please take calls in the atrium
  • Food and smokeless tobacco are not permitted in the Tutoring Center
  • Students are required to show their Valencia ID in order to check out materials from the Information Desk
  • No children are permitted per Valencia policy 6Hx28:04-10