Writing Consultations

Students currently enrolled in Valencia classes can visit the CSSC (Room 136, Winter Park Campus) for one-on-one consultations. In these consultations, trained consultants provide students with suggestions and corrective feedback they can apply to an assignment before turning it in.

Drop-in Consultations

As a writer, your paper is ultimately your responsibility, so you are responsible for all decisions made during the writing process, including proofreading and editing. Our goal is to have you leave the writing consultation as a stronger, more confident writer so you can produce an even better paper next time.

In order to receive a writing consultation, you must:

  • Bring a printed copy of the essay
  • Bring an assignment sheet from the professor.
  • The last consultation is given 30 minutes before closing

E-Mail Consultations

In order to receive an e-mail writing consultation, you must:

  • Submit your essay
  • Allow 2-3 business days for a consultant to get back to you on your paper.

What Can You Expect from a Writing Consultation?


  • Provide feedback on your typed papers
  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses in your writing
  • Assist you in becoming a better and more effective writer
  • Help you understand basic grammatical concepts
  • Review MLA and APA styles without doing the work for you


  • Edit or proofread papers
  • Be a drop-off
  • Spell or grammar check your entire paper
  • Tell students the answers
  • Write your paper for you
  • Guess about any unwritten intentions behind your assignments
  • Proofread or correct citations and references

E-Mail Consultations