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Peru Short Term Study Abroad

Intro to Environmental Science EVR 1001
3 credits

  •  July 14 - July 21, 2023
Estimated Fees
Program Fee:
$ 3,800.00
$ 309.18
Endowed Chair Award:
$ 550.00
SAGE Scholarship:
Estimated Cost:

Before reviewing this page or applying to this program, read the entire COVID-19 Statement.  If you have questions, please contact SAGE.  All information is subject to change.  Prices are an estimate only until flights are booked and could fluctuate.

Students will travel to Peru to study environmental science in a developing country.  Students will compare and contrast the natural habitats, environmental viewpoints, and standards of living encountered in Peru with those of the United States.  Students will arrive in Iquitos following a layover in Lima to experience the Peruvian Amazon at 104 meters above sea level.  While in the jungle, students will ascend to a canopy walkway to explore the upper levels of rainforest trees, vegetation, and wildlife.  A visit with the local shaman will allow students to learn about ethnobotany.  Students will also gain some understanding of western medicine in the rainforest by visiting Dr. Linea Smith’s medical clinic. 

Local living will be revealed through a trip to a local village, where students will teach the local children about rainforest ecology in a service learning project.  Following the 5-hour school day, the villagers will play Valencia students in a game of soccer.  A trip to the local market will emphasize Iquitos’s isolation from the rest of the world, as it can only be accessed by airplane or boat.  Students will also visit a wildlife rehabilitation center and compare this work to that executed by Sea World.  Students participating in this short-term study abroad course will be expected to complete an undergraduate research project in the field of environmental science in addition to a service learning project in partnership with a local organization in Peru. Successful completion of these engaged practices will earn students recognition towards Undergraduate Research as well as Service Learning. 

Course Description

INTRODUCTION TO ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE General education credit non-laboratory course which provides a survey of basic chemical, biological, and physical principles of environmental science and ecology, the application of these principles to current political, scientific, and economic issues and our responsibility for the environment. Students should be prepared to complete college level reading, writing, and mathematics assignments as part of this course.

Applications are open!

Application & Payment Deadlines

  •  August 2022 – Application Opens
  •  02/03/2023 - Application Closes
  •  02/09/2023 - Application Payment Deadline
  •  02/24/2023 - Passport Deadline & Orientation
  •  03/03/2023 - Deposit Deadline
  •  04/07/2023 - Final Payment Deadline

Contact us

  • Monday to Friday: 8am to 4:30pm (Virtual appointments only)
Email and Phone
Social Media

Things to Consider Before You Apply

  • Familiarize yourself with Peru’s travel risk outlook, including COVID-19 entry restrictions and levels. Please visit the Department of State by clicking here and the CDC by clicking here to see more information.
  • Students who have already taken Environmental Science (EVR 1001) are not eligible to take this course again.
  • This program is open to students in good standing only. Please see GPA requirements.
  • Students are required to attend all in-person pre-departure and re-entry class meetings.
  • This is an educational study abroad experience, which while tremendously fun and exciting, is academic and graded to help students further their language and cultural understanding by maximizing their interactions with the people from Peru. Foreign travel to a country with a different language and culture can pose adjustment difficulties.
  • Students must acquire passports. Passport fees, course tuition, and course materials are not included in the price.
  • Students will be required to do extensive walking and will encounter challenging terrain and be required to walk on uneven surfaces.
  • Students should be prepared to safeguard valuables at all times (especially in big city environments).
  • Basic accommodations will be provided in the Peruvian rain forest. As such, there is no air conditioning, nor hot showers. Although some of the places where we will be staying have flush toilets, only pit toilets are available at other sites. People will be sleeping on beds with mosquito nets.
  • Internet access is limited or not available during portions of the trip.
  • Students will be outside in the sun, heat, and water. Bring light, loose clothing, swimwear, sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, hats, etc.
  • Students are not allowed to drink alcohol per SAGE and Student Development rules.
  • Students will be traveling in the country via airplane, boats, or bus. Packing light will be critical since the group will be moving around to different cities during the program. Be prepared to transport your personal belongings during those transitions. If you are prone to motion sickness, be prepared to bring the necessary medicine.
  • Most meals will be provided. However, during international and domestic travel, meals may not be provided.  All other snacks, souvenirs/shopping, and structured free time activities will be the financial responsibility of the student.
  • If a student has dietary restrictions, he/she should be prepared with extra money for meals and snacks. Dietary needs will be communicated beforehand but alternate meals may not be available due to travel arrangements, and students should plan accordingly. Further, due to travel demands between locations in Peru, some meals may be skipped.  
  • During free time, students must always be in a group of three or more for safety reasons.
  • It is important to understand that students will be acting as cultural ambassadors from the U.S. and representing Valencia positively to our foreign hosts. Students will be expected to follow the Valencia Student Code of Conduct.

Program Eligibility

  • Be 18-years-old by time of travel.
  • Have an Institutional GPA of 2.5 at time of application.
  • Meet course requirements, including prerequisites if applicable.

Scholarship Eligibility

  • Be a degree-seeking student with Valencia College.
  • Completed one semester within last year.
  • Completed 12 college-level credits by the time of travel.
  • Have not received a SAGE scholarship in the current academic year.

Course Prerequisites

  • None

Funding Information

This program will receive partial funding by Valencia's Student Development Office, the Valencia Foundation, and the SAGE Office. These departments will be contributing a percentage towards the cost of participation. Funding is limited to a set number of students per program.

Eligible students can use their financial aid to cover part or all of the final payment and/or additional program costs (airfare, accommodations, meals, etc.) as long as the course satisfies your degree requirements. Complete a MY EDUCATION PLAN or meet with an Academic Advisor for details. It is important that this course count towards your degree or certificate program; otherwise, your financial aid payment may be reduced.


Program Fee Includes

  •  Roundtrip Airfare
  •  Accommodations
  •  Most Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)
  •  Cultural and Professional Visits
  •  Entrance Fees to All Sites
  •  All Ground and River Transportation
  •  Tour Guides
  •  Medical and Travel Insurance

Program Fee Does Not Include

  •  Course Tuition and Fees
  •  Some Meals During Travel (During Ground and Air Domestic Travel Within Peru, For Example)
  •  Optional Sodas and Snacks
  •  Airport Departure Fees and Taxes
  •  Luggage Transport/Storage Fees
  •  Passport Fees
  •  Visa (not required for U.S. citizens)
  •  Immunizations
  •  Spending money
  •  Tips

Travel Information


Pre-Departure Meetings

All Meetings are required

  •  2/24/2023 SAGE Orientation
     1:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.
     East Campus
  •  Meeting #1
  •  Meeting #2
  •  Meeting #3
  •  Meeting #4
  •  Meeting #5
Re-Entry Meetings

All Meetings are required

  •  Meeting #1

Please note that the program may be altered or cancelled at any time at the discretion of Valencia College, and, in many circumstances, airfare or other transportation costs incurred by the student may not be refundable. Dates and prices are subject to change without notice before the application deadline.