Perkins Management & Compliance

Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006

The purpose of Perkins IV is to develop the academic and career and technical skills of secondary and postsecondary students who elect to enroll in Career and Technical Education programs. The goal is for all students to achieve challenging academic and technical standards and be prepared for high-skill, high-wage, and/or high-demand occupations in current or emerging professions.

Major Themes in the Law

 Perkins Chart
  • An integrated academic and career and technical education performance accountability system that requires continuous student and program improvement at all levels.
  • Close association with business and industry
  • Emphasis on preparation for postsecondary education AND employment.
  • Focus on seamless transition from high school to postsecondary education.
  • Increased emphasis on achievement of a degree, certificate or credential (including licensure and industry certifications).

Project and Services Supporting Career & Workforce Education


  • Career Program Advisors - 18 positions
  • Health Sciences - Advising & Outreach Specialist
  • Nursing Program Educational Specialist
  • CTE Online Advising Support - 2 positions
  • Transitions Coordinators - 2 positions
  • Workplace Specialist
  • Project Director


  • Career Pathways
  • Perkins Director
  • Perkins Records Specialist


  • High Priority Program Equipment List (Over $1.2 million)

Transition Programs

  • Counselor Day
  • Career Transition Camps for High School Students (East, Osceola, West)
  • Career Carnivals
  • Youth Academic Day for Special Populations
  • Advising Workshops for Nursing & Allied Health

Program Development & Industry Certification

  • Program Improvement
  • Recertification/Technical Assistance for High Priority Programs
  • Business & Industry Sector Forums

Faculty Development & Assessment

  • Focus on the Workplace

Career Planning

  • Career Planning and Student Outreach