Program Review

In general terms, program review is a regularly scheduled process designed to improve the quality of curricular and co-curricular program areas and educational support service units.

Depending on the area being reviewed, this process may involve staff, students, faculty, alumni, community members, administrators, and external specialists in gathering information about a unit, reviewing and analyzing the information collected, making judgments about overall quality and recommendations for improvement, and following up to ensure that the unit is fully supported in its efforts to address the outcomes of the review.

In order to ensure that program review at Valencia College is a reflection of our learning-centered focus, the process that is described in this document is built upon the following principles:

  • The review of curricular and co-curricular program areas, and educational support service units, and recommendations for improvement, reflect the unit's connection to the Mission, Vision, and Values of Valencia College.
  • The review process promotes an authentic connection / contribution to the College's Strategic Plan.
  • The review process promotes program innovation and ownership by entrusting the process to those most connected to the work.
  • The review process contributes to Valencia's long history of collaboration on important matters and this history requires the involvement of staff and faculty representing diverse internal constituencies.
  • The review process operates within an atmosphere of honest, objective, and candid communication and feedback in order to ensure that the results are helpful to all stakeholders.
  • The review process and recommendations for improvement focus on improving the results / learning outcomes we want for our students.

Important Documents

You can access the following forms in Atlas, by clicking Five-year Program Review (AS Degrees) on the Faculty tab.

  • Program Review 5 Year Schedule
  • Program Review Instrument with Guidelines and Samples
  • Program Review Instrument to Complete