Admission Requirements

Students can apply to the Seneff Honors College. Students in the Seneff Honors College can earn an Honors Diploma in one of the two available curriculum tracks: Leadership track and Undergraduate Research track.


To apply for the Seneff Honors College, log onto Atlas and click the "Students" tab. In the middle, "Student Forms" section, click on "Applications". The Fall 2020 application priority deadline for graduating high school seniors is March 23, 2020, deadline for Dual Enrolled and current Valencia students is April 27, 2020 and the final application deadline is July 10, 2020.

Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible for scholarship consideration.

Admission of candidates into the Seneff Honors College is a consideration of a student’s potential beyond simply a test score or GPA. All highly-motivated students who desire to make the most of their Valencia experience are encouraged to apply. Students wishing admission to the Seneff Honors College will:

  • Complete an application to Valencia College.
  • Complete a typed, minimum 500-word essay addressing the following prompt: The Seneff Honors College is an academic program that seeks to discover potential in students and inspire excellence. Why are you applying to this academic program? What do you hope to gain from and contribute to the Seneff Honors College?

    The essay will be uploaded with your application. Once started, you must complete your application in one instance as there is not a function to save it in progress. Be sure to have your essay completed before you begin your application as it is a required upload as a part of your application.
  • Complete an online application to the Seneff Honors College through Atlas. (Atlas > Students > Student Forms > Applications)
  • Submit standardized test scores to the Valencia Registrar’s Office or take the PERT at one of the Valencia campuses (transfer students may be exempt from this requirement). Prior to being admitted to the Seneff Honors College, a student must have college level assessment scores or have completed any developmental mandate in reading and writing.
  • Submit an unofficial copy of high school transcripts to the Honors Office (for students who have graduated from high school within the last 2 years).
  • Submit an unofficial copy of all college transcripts to the Honors Office if the coursework has not yet been officially evaluated by Valencia (for transfer students).
  • Submit a degree audit for your intended major. You can generate a degree audit in Atlas under the Students tab in the Path to Graduation area.
  • Submit one of the following: Note: Please submit your application to the Seneff Honors College prior to submitting your recommendation. Faliure to do so may result in your recommendation not being matched to your application.

** Students who have not completed ENC1101 must meet test score requirements for ENC1101 or must have current enrollment in the highest level Reding and Writing developmental education course to be eligible for the Seneff Honors College. For specifics, see the Valencia catalog.