Destination 2022

This annual professional development program brings Valencia colleagues together to explore teaching and learning innovations, challenges, and solutions. Each year's program will feature multiple experiences that will be valuable for faculty who have participated in Destination and those who are new to the experience. Join us this summer to explore teaching and learning innovations, challenges, and solutions with colleagues from diverse fields with varied experiences and interests. All Valencia faculty members, part-time and full-time, are encouraged to apply. 

All tracks will award $500 for successful completion. As with previous Destination sessions, professional development (PD) hours are not available for the summer portion of the program.


Foundations of Educational Equity
Make your destination this summer a place where you can explore the historical inequities within education and develop a plan to eliminate these inequities in your own learning environment. In this destination track, participants will collaboratively examine how traditional practices have influenced their own learning, and consider how these structures have evolved into today’s educational ecosystem. At the end of this experience, participants will present an example of how they will eliminate an inequity in their learning environment.

Track Outcomes:

  • Participants will explore the historical inequities within education and their discipline.
  • Participants will present an example of how they will eliminate an inequity in their learning environment.

Understanding and Mitigating the Impacts of Toxic Stress: Co-Creating Conditions for Healing with Dr. Mays Imad

In The Book of Joy, the Dalai Lama invites us to develop our “mental immunity,” the skills we need, individually and collectively, to help ourselves and our communities guard against chronic stress so we may continue to learn and thrive. A key to developing such pivotal skills is understanding how our brains perceive and react to stressors and what makes our brains feel overwhelmed and exhausted. 

In this interactive series of workshops, we will ask two overarching questions. First, in the midst of an ongoing pandemic, how will we welcome our students and colleagues to our institutions and classrooms this year and beyond? Second, reflecting on the current moment, why must there be a fierce urgency to slow down, to pause and reflect on self- and community care, on purposeful actions, and on co-create conditions for healing? 

We will begin by considering the recent research on the neuroscience of toxic stress, especially as it relates to work- and school-related experiences. We will consider the research behind the burnout epidemic and why this global phenomenon is something we must, as educators and leaders, not take lightly. We will then examine the notion of healing, at the individual and community levels, and what key ingredients are needed for us to move forward in a meaningful, elevating, and sustainable way. This series will offer a combination of theory and practice and participants will work separately and together to develop community support and coping plans. 


Questions or For More Information

For general questions, please contact, Stacy Robinson, Faculty & Instructional Development Coordinator at

*Your employment status at the time of application will determine compensation. Full-time non-exempt staff and part-time staff are paid their hourly wage; overtime may be paid, if applicable. Please note that overtime is paid after 40 hours of work, not inclusive of leave or paid time off. If you have any questions about how you would be compensated for participation in the program, please contact Organizational Development and Human Resources at, or call HR4U helpline at 407-299-5000, extension HR4U (4748).  

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Summer Dates and Times:

2023 TBD

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