Seneff Honors Certification

This certificate is designed to prepare all Valencia faculty to teach for the Seneff Honors College, incorporating Honors curricular outcomes and engaged learning practices. The certificate is required in order to teach honors-designated coursework, but does not guarantee honors courses will be available or assigned to honors faculty who complete the certification.

Please contact the Honors Director for more information about teaching for the Seneff Honors College.

Congratulations to our Valencia faculty who have achieved the  Seneff Honors Certification!

Certification Planning Document:
The planning document provides a list of required and optional courses which can be used to plan your certification or program.


Course 1 (Required):

LCTS6141: Foundation of Honors                                                                                                 10 PD Hours
Foundation of Honors is the first course in the Honors Certificate sequence. Throughout the course, participants will be introduced to the guiding principles and experience of the Seneff Honors College. Participants will begin to develop an honors curriculum plan, differentiate between honors and non-honors curriculum, and select an engaged learning practice.
*This is a required course in the Honors Certification. Participants must complete the Foundations of Honors and one required elective course prior to enrolling in the Capstone course.

Course 2: (Choose One)

LCTS3213: Service Learning Across the Curriculum                                                          20 PD Hours
Participants will create a plan to infuse service learning into a current course by linking course outcomes to meaningful service in the community. Participants will explore service learning opportunities and create assessment plans to measure student learning. Successful completion of this course will enable participants to add a service learning designation to their courses.

LCTS6417: Creating an Embedded Undergraduate Research Experience             20 PD Hours
This course will give participants an opportunity to create an embedded undergraduate research (UR) experience unique to their course outcomes. Participants will become acquainted with the logistics of the embedded model and the IRB process at Valencia College, as well as complete CITI Training and create an UR experience for their classroom. 

INDV3351: Internationalizing the Curriculum                                                                      20 PD Hours
This course provides faculty members with the knowledge and resources to internationalize a course by developing a unit internationalization toolkit. Successful completion of this course will enable participants to request inclusion in Valencia Global Distinction.

LCTS3227: Authentic Inquiry-based Learning                                                                       15 PD Hours
Authentic inquiry-based learning prompts students to apply problem-solving techniques to the community around them. In this course, participants will engage in strategies to teach inquiry-based learning such as problem-based learning and creative problem-solving.
* This is an elective for the Seneff Honors College Certification and Associate Faculty Certification.

Course 3 (Required):

LCTS6716: Honors College Capstone                                                                                         10 PD Hours
Built on the work started in the (LCTS6141) Foundation of Honors faculty development course, this capstone course showcases a completed curriculum plan that reflects the Honors College experience and outcomes.