Meet the Valencia College Downtown faculty who will teach a wide range of classes in different subject areas. Faculty members are leaders in their fields—helping students turn their passion into a lifelong career. And with smaller class sizes, they’re able to provide the individualized attention that students need to develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed beyond the classroom.


Nicholas BekasAcademic AffairsProfessor, EnglishProfile
Cory BlackwellBiology DTCProfessor, BiologyProfile
Kenneth BourgoinCulinary Arts DTCProfessor, Culinary MgmtProfile
Roberta CarewMath DTCProfessor, MathProfile
Rose CasterlineArt WECProfessor, ArtProfile
Rudy DardenEnglish DTCProfessor, EnglishProfile
Chuck DavisChemistry DTCProfessor, ChemistryProfile
Joanne GoodmanHospitality & Tourism DTCProfessor, Hosp/TourismProfile
Mackie HefkaCulinary Arts DTCProfessor, Culinary MgmtProfile
James InglisHospitality & Tourism DTCProfessor, Hosp/TourismProfile
Vishma KunuHumanities DTCProfessor, HumanitiesProfile
Kelli LewisHealth Information Technology WECProfessor, Health Info TechProfile
Lucy MartinCulinary Arts DTCVisiting Prof, Culinary DTCProfile
Quaneisha McleodHealth Information Technology WECProfessor, Health Info TechProfile
Michael MonizSpeech DTCProfessor, SpeechProfile
Mia Pierre-WallNew Student Experience DTCFaculty, New Student ExpProfile
Pierre PilloudCulinary Arts DTCProfessor, Culinary MgmtProfile
Craig RappHospitality & Tourism DTCProfessor, Hosp/TourismProfile
Anne RossDigital Media DTCProfessor, Digital MediaProfile
Steven RujakCulinary Arts DTCProfessor, Culinary MgmtProfile
Ryan SandefurMath DTCProfessor, MathProfile
Melonie SextonPsychology DTCProfessor, PsychologyProfile
Jimmy WessmanCulinary Arts DTCVisiting Prof, Culinary DTC