Housing and Residence Life

UnionWest at Creative Village at Downtown Campus allows you to live where you learn and create an ideal environment for students.

A 15-story building with restaurants and retail stores on the ground floor, UnionWest will house student services, classrooms and amenities on floors 1–5, and student residences on floors 6–15.

Living on campus means you can:

  • Get involved in campus activities and events
  • Interact with a diverse group of students
  • Reside in a modern, upscale unit
  • Share suites with UCF and Valencia College students

UnionWest offers:

  • All-inclusive rent that covers utilities, internet and a fully furnished unit
  • Private or shared bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Resident-only club room with lounge, study areas and gaming/media center
  • Outdoor patio overlooking downtown Orlando and Creative Village Park
  • Recreation and Wellness Center for all downtown students with any fitness goals

International Students

If you're attending Valencia College Downtown Campus, we have a dedicated team to help you with your move to the U.S.

Dining Options

A variety of food options will be opening inside of UnionWest at Creative Village this fall. Food trucks will be provided until on-campus retailers are open. You can grab a bite from on-campus food trucks, pop-up eateries and nearby restaurants. A full list of dining options are available on the UCF website.

Dining Options
Subway Dining Option

Floor Plans and Rent

Rent at UnionWest is paid by semester. There are three different 4-bedroom floor plans to suit the needs of many types of students. Both shared bedrooms and private bedrooms and baths are available. All units come furnished and include a mini fridge for each resident. Utilities – including power, water, trash – high speed Wi-Fi and cable are all included in the price.

Monthly rent ranges from around $760 to $1,210 per month, per student, depending on room type. Private parking is also available for an additional fee.

Floorplans, pricing by semester and room type and more details can be found at the UnionWest website.

Get Started on Your Housing Application

Downtown Campus Housing Interest Submission

You must be admitted to Valencia College before applying for housing. Valencia College admitted students can begin the housing application process for UnionWest at Creative Village.

To begin the Downtown Campus housing process, please complete the steps listed below. 

  • Login to Atlas
  • Locate “Student Forms”
  • Expand “Applications”
  • Click “Downtown Campus Housing Interest Submission”


For more information about UnionWest, including floor plans and rates, visit: UnionWest at Creative Village.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the name of the student housing facility downtown?
The official name of the downtown student housing facility is called UnionWest at Creative Village.

Who manages UnionWest?
UnionWest is managed by the University of Central Florida. The department responsible for managing housing operations for UCF is called UCF Housing and Residence Life. For more information, visit UnionWest.

How do I apply for student housing?

Valencia College admitted students can begin the housing application process for UnionWest at Creative Village.

To begin the Downtown Campus housing process, please complete the steps below. Your active status and demographic information will be shared with UCF, as all housing applications are managed by UCF Housing and Residence Life.

Please follow the instructions provided.

  • Login to Atlas
  • Locate “Student Forms”
  • Expand “Applications”
  • Click “Downtown Campus Housing Interest Submission”

Is there a deposit required?
A prepayment of $250 is required to complete the housing application. The $250 is then credited toward the fall rent. In the event that a space is not offered, the $250 prepayment is refunded.

Who can live in housing downtown?
Valencia College students may take classes on any campus, including downtown, and live in UnionWest. The University of Central Florida has a minimum credit requirement to live in a residential facility found in the Housing Agreement. The minimum credit requirement for Valencia College students is the same as for UCF students.

Can students work at the campus downtown as a Residential Assistant (RA)? What is the process to become an RA?
The application process to become a Resident Assistant (RA) has passed. RA's have been selected and informed about their new positions.

Are there accommodations for students with disabilities?
Yes, students can identify their needs on the housing application and a staff member can work with them regarding the appropriate accommodations and availability.

What do I need to know about requesting special accommodations for physical or medical reasons?

Any student who has a request for a housing accommodation based on his/her medical or physical condition is required to submit the necessary supporting documentation. The housing application will prompt the student to indicate whether they have an accommodation needs and provide a health care provider documentation form.

Is there a dining hall in the housing complex?
No, there is not a dining hall in the housing complex. However, there is a large community kitchen available in the common area on every residential floor of the building and some rooms may also have kitchenettes. Every resident is also provided with a personal mini fridge in their rooms and may bring certain cooking appliances like a microwave.

Can I live in UnionWest with family members who are not Valencia College students?
No, campus housing downtown is reserved for Valencia College and UCF students only.

Can I use financial aid to pay for my housing?
Students who apply for and receive financial aid may receive a refund if their financial aid for a term exceeds their direct costs (tuition and fees). The refund may be used to pay for any educational related costs, including housing. Excess funds after paying charges on the student bill will be refunded to students directly.

Can I stay over break periods?
Yes, UnionWest is open during break periods between semesters and during holidays, spring break, etc. Residents may remain in their rooms at no additional charge during the break times, as long as they have a valid housing agreement for the semester prior to and immediately after the break period.

Are pets allowed?
For health and safety purposes, the only pets allowed to be kept in on-campus housing are fish in a ten gallon or smaller tank.

In compliance with applicable law, UCF generally allows service animals in areas of public accommodation. For details, please refer to the University of Central Florida's Service and Assistance Animal Policy.
 Policy Statement on Service Animals as Public Accommodations