Frequently Asked Questions

UCF and Valencia College

Can I take all of my classes downtown?
All general education classes are offered at the downtown campus, in addition to classes for the Downtown Campus programs.

Can I complete all four years (associate and bachelor’s degree) downtown?
Yes, you can complete all four years as long as you continue your degree in a Downtown Campus program.

Can I take classes downtown and other campuses at the same time?
Yes, you can take classes at any Valencia College campus.

What academic/degree programs are available at the campus downtown?
For a lists of academic programs available at Downtown Campus, visit Degrees and Certificates.

What are the policies and procedures for downtown?
Valencia College students are required to abide by the academic policies and procedures of the college. These may be different for UCF students. Non-academic issues may be handled differently, depending upon the nature of the issue.

What is the Student Code of Conduct for downtown?
The Student Code of Conduct for downtown is the same as your home institution.


Can Valencia College students use Downtown Campus student amenities (counseling, health services, etc.)?
Yes, Valencia College students can use student amenities at the Downtown Campus; however, there may be a small fee. For counseling services, Valencia College contracts with BayCare to provide short-term counseling to students. Because counselors at the Downtown Campus are part of the BayCare network, students with a Downtown Campus ID can utilize their counseling services. The first three visits are free; additional visits will cost $60 per visit. To speak to someone with BayCare or request a counseling session, please call 1-800-878-5470.

Can I go to UCF events (including sporting events)?
Campus events through Student Development (called "Student Engagement" at the Downtown Campus), will be offered to both Valencia College and UCF students.

Is there a bookstore on campus?
Yes, there will be a campus store on campus. It will offer course materials, technology, school supplies, school memorabilia and café options.

How and where should I buy books and supplies?
You will be able to buy any books and supplies at the campus store.

What is required to purchase class materials?
Bring a copy of your class schedule and student identification to purchase class materials. The campus store staff is highly trained, knowledgeable and ready to support you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Are there restaurants on campus?
There are several food vendors on the first floor of UnionWest. Plenty of counter service and fast casual restaurants also surround the downtown area.

Are student meal plans available on campus?
No, meal plans will not be available on campus.

Is there Wi-Fi on campus?
Yes, there will be access to Wi-Fi.