Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to the Communications Center?

If you need to print a document, you will need to buy a copy/print card!

For a consultation you must bring:

  • Valencia student ID
  • Your class information (i.e. ENC1101, Professor Randy Gordon)
  • Professor's assignment instructions
  • A printed draft of assignment (at any state of development)

What do I need to do before I see a writing consultant?

  • Type your draft if it is more than two pages
  • Proofread your paper to utilize the time spent with a consultant most efficiently
  • Be prepared to discuss specific writing issues in your paper

How do I check in when I come to the Communications Center?

You must always check in before utilizing any services in the Communications Center! This includes using the computers or recording a speech in the Speech Lab.

To check in you must know your Valencia ID number (VID). After you enter this information, select the reason why you have come to the lab. Then, finish by choosing your correct class information.

Make sure to check out before you leave!

May I use a computer in the Communications Center?

Yes, computers are available; however, priority is given to students completing lab work. In order to use a computer, you will need to know your Atlas username and password.

Can I make an appointment for a writing consultation?

At this time, we only offer appointments to students registered with the Office for Students with Disabilities. Drop-ins are always welcome, but please be aware that hours for writing consultations vary. Please check our hours to see when drop-in consultations are being offered.

Can I drop in at closing and still get a consultation?

No. The last consultations will be given 30 minutes before closing. Drop-ins will not be accepted after the 30 minute mark. Please see our hours if you have questions.

Will a writing consultant edit my paper?

No. Consultants will provide feedback on your writing and recommend additional resources to assist you with the writing process. The " Consultation Agreement" you read prior to each session will outline what you can expect from the consultation.

What are the qualifications of writing consultants?

All of our writing consultants have a Bachelor's degree or higher in an English-related discipline and are trained to assist students across the curriculum. Many of our consultants are graduate students or recent graduates of UCF.

Will a writing consultant help me brainstorm?

Absolutely! Writing consultants can help you during every step of the writing process, from brainstorming and prewriting to final checks.

Are consultants available when classes are not in session?

No. Our writing consultants work during fall, spring, and summer terms. They do not work when classes are not in session (spring break, summer break in August, and winter break).

Do I need to bring my PERT workbook for the review?

No. The PERT review is designed to tell you what you need to study in the workbook. Although you are more than welcome to go through the workbook beforehand, it isn't necessary.

How do I reserve time in the Speech Lab?

Reservations for the Speech Lab can be made over the phone or in person.

If you are recording a speech, be prepared to record immediately! The Speech Lab is a 'record only' space. If you need additional time preparing your speech, do not make an appointment until you are ready to record.

Appointments for speech recordings are 30 minutes only. If you have a group speech, we allow for no more than one hour.