Speech Production Lab

The Speech Production Lab is located at the back of the Communications Center.

Access to the lab is by reservation only. To make a reservation please call 407-582-2795 or come to 4-120 to make the reservation in person. The maximum time for lab reservations is 30 minutes for individual speeches or 1 hour for group speeches.

The lab is a recording space only. If you need a place to prepare or practice, please see the Communications Center staff, and they will assist you to find alternate accommodations.

Note: Communications Center staff and students involved in tutoring sessions CANNOT participate in speech sessions as audience members.

Please remember when you come to the Speech Production Lab to bring a flash drive to save your work. If you are uploading your speech to ITunes or Blackboard, we have staff on hand to help you through the process.

If this is your first time using the lab, we encourage you to come before your recording date in order to receive basic instruction on how to use recording equipment. The recording instructions can also be found on the computer desktop located inside the Speech Lab.