West Campus Communications Center

The West Campus Communications Center (5-155) provides learning support services for reading, writing, English, and speech skills. Also, it supports EAP students seeking to improve their communication and language skills in all academic areas. Instructors and lab assistants are available to answer your questions and assist with skill practice.

We offer a Video Speech Room where all students may record their speeches or practice their speaking and presentation skills. Also, students may drop-in and request a workshop on-demand based on instructor availability.

Location & Hours

About the Communications Center

The Communications Center is a student-centered learning support environment and is dedicated to helping Valencia students develop the necessary skills to achieve academic excellence. In order to guide students to success, we are committed to the following goals:

  • Help students become better writers, readers, and critical thinkers
  • Help students with their speech presentations in our Video Speech Room
  • Help students become independent learners
  • Build rapport with faculty, staff, and students

We are professionals in all that we do, adhering to established guidelines so that we may satisfy the goals of the College, the expectations of our faculty, and the best learning interests of our students.