College Wide

Nikkia GumbsStudent Disability ServicesAsst Dir, Disability Services(407) 582-1371
Donna KimmethStudent Disability ServicesCoord, Deaf/HH Interpretation(407) 582-2177
Deborah LarewStudent Disability ServicesDir, Studnts w/ Disbilits(407) 582-2236
Evelyn QuintanaStudent Disability ServicesStaff Assistant II(407) 582-2672
Brandon SuggsStudent Disability ServicesAssistive Tech Specialist(407) 582-1005

Downtown Campus

Danelle MaschhoffStudent Disability ServicesAcademic Advisor(407) 582-3517

East Campus

Mary AsburyStudent Disability ServicesCoord, Disability Support Svcs(407) 582-2564
Tara BoddenStudent Disability ServicesStaff Assistant I(407) 582-2229
Celines GarayStudent Disability ServicesAcademic Advisor(407) 582-2530
Natalie StearnsStudent Disability ServicesAcademic Advisor(407) 582-2229

Osceola Campus

Tasfiyah MowlaStudent Disability ServicesStaff Assistant I(321) 682-4167
Felita RiveraStudent Disability ServicesAcademic Advisor(407) 582-4205
Rachel SchwittersStudent Disability ServicesCoord, Disbilty Suport Svcs(407) 582-4520

Poinciana Campus and Lake Nona Campus

Appointments available as needed. Please contact Osceola staff.

West Campus

Robyn BordersStudent Disability ServicesCoord, Disbilty Suport Svcs(407) 582-1533
Cecilia GuzmanStudent Disability ServicesStaff Assistant I(407) 582-1523
Shawn Le'TangStudent Disability ServicesAcademic Advisor(407) 582-1867

Winter Park Campus

Marcia RomanDean of Students WPKCounselor(407) 582-6887