Public Safety & Legal

(Meta-Major: Public Safety)

Criminal Justice

Associate in Science (A.S.) Degree

Valencia's Criminal Justice program is designed to provide the best possible education for students preparing for challenging careers in law enforcement, corrections, private/industry security and other criminal justice fields. It offers a broad background in the history and philosophy of criminal justice; the management and operation of modern criminal justice agencies.

Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Academy Track

Associate in Science (A.S.) Degree

The Law Enforcement Academy Track is an A.S. Degree program that is designed to provide students with the education, training, skills and abilities for a successful law enforcement career. The program will introduce students to a wide range of topics, including criminal justice, legal knowledge, defensive tactics, investigations and the court system, among others. Students can complete four semesters of intensive coursework over a two-year timeframe.

Criminal Justice Experiential Learning Program

Get credits for on-the-job work and completion of the state law enforcement academy—up to 33 credit hours. Provides a path for active duty law enforcement and correctional officers in Florida to earn an accelerated Associate in Science (A.S.) degree through articulated credits for work-based learning and industry certifications.

Fire Science Academy Track

Associate in Science (A.S.) Degree

The Fire Science Academy is a degree-granting program that provides students with the skills, abilities and education for a successful fire service career. It provides a strong educational foundation in fire science coupled with training and education in emergency medical services and firefighting.

Fire Science Technology

Associate in Science (A.S.) Degree

Valencia's program can also be useful for careers in other public service areas or to provide current fire fighters and staff with enhanced training and education opportunities for promotion and career advancement.

Paralegal Studies

Associate in Science (A.S.) Degree

Students will develop a strong background in areas such as civil litigation, real property, business organizations, legal research and legal technology. Paralegal students will also gain an understanding of the ethical framework within which they work and be able to effectively analyze and communicate in these areas.