Dual Enrollment Advisors

The Dual Enrollment Advising Team helps serve students by making course recommendations, discussing graduation requirements, and answering DE questions.

It is recommended that students meet with their high school guidance counselor to discuss unmet high school requirements before meeting with a DE advisor. Please note: All current students are required to provide a valid picture ID when meeting with DE advisors/coordinators. 


Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays: Appointments Only

Wednesdays and Thursdays: Walk-Ins only (8AM-4PM)

West Campus

rachel bellamy

Name: Rachel Bellamy
Position: Academic Advisor

Rachel joined the Dual Enrollment team as an Academic Advisor on Valencia's West Campus. Her advising philosophy is focused on meeting students where they are and providing academic tools for success. She earned her B.S. in Social Work from Southeastern University and has experience working in higher education as an Academic and Career Advisor. The experience she has garnered, positions her to provide excellent developmental advising practices. Rachel values serving students and utilizing every opportunity to assist Dual Enrollment students to not only succeed, but excel.

A tip for DE students: Take a deep breath, you can do this!

Areas I can assist with:

  • Course selection
  • One on one advising sessions
  • Connecting students with academic resources
  • Dual Enrollment questions or concerns

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tiffany kilpatrickName: Tiffany Kilpatrick
Position: Dual Enrollment Coordinator

As a first generation student, Tiffany understands how intimidating transitioning into college can sometimes feel. Thus, she is committed to helping students transition as seamlessly as possible and believes the Dual Enrollment program allows the perfect opportunity to do so. Tiffany is proud to have received her Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from the University of Central Florida; it truly prepared her to advocate for student success. She is most excited about engaging students and seeing them thrive at Valencia College and beyond.

A tip for DE Students: No matter the pace, you will finish the race- give yourself some grace!

Areas I can assist with:

  • Admission to the Dual Enrollment program
  • Course and career planning
  • Navigating Valencia College's resources
  • Group and individual information sessions

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lindsey oxenrider

Name: Lindsey Oxenrider
Position: Academic Advisor

Lindsey has been with Valencia College since 2015. She is excited to have joined the Dual Enrollment Department as an Academic Advisor on the Osceola Campus. She has been a resident of Osceola County all of her life and looks forward to empowering students to succeed in the Dual Enrollment program. She is a proud Valencia College alum and earned a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Central Florida. Lindsey's goal is to provide students with developmental advising that promotes purpose and understanding of educational experiences.

A tip for DE students: Create an open line of communication with your professors; they are the first point of contact regarding courses and personal concerns that impact academic success.

Areas I can assist with:

  • One on One Advising
  • Educational Goal Planning
  • Registration Process
  • Providing Academic Resources

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jessica jurado arroyo

Name: Jessica Jurado Arroyo
Position: Dual Enrollment Coordinator

Jessica is committed to higher education and serving as the Dual Enrollment Coordinator for the Valencia College, Osceola Campus. She earned a B.A. in Psychology at Florida International University and a M.A. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Central Florida. As a Coordinator for the Dual Enrollment program, Jessica works diligently to make the student's transition into college a pleasant and empowering experience through informative presentations, coordinating the application and registration process, student advising, and organizational support. The tasks she enjoys the most are assisting and supporting students throughout their dual enrollment journey.

A tip for DE Students: Valencia College offers a great deal of educational resources for all students; don't be afraid to ask about them!

Areas I can assist with:

  • Course registration process
  • Admission into the program
  • Support for Spanish speaking students and families
  • Provide individual and group informational sessions

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Mildred Medina

Name: Mildred Medina
Position: Dual Enrollment Coordinator

Mildred was a former Dual Enrollment student at Valencia College and has a special place in her heart for the program. She earned her B.A. in Sociology at the University of Central Florida and her M.S. in Psychology at Kaplan University. Her professional experience working in education and recruitment has set her up for success in her current role. Mildred returned to Valencia's East Campus as a Dual Enrollment Coordinator; she promotes the Dual Enrollment program through informational sessions, social media marketing, and advising support. Her goal is to give back to the program by helping students achieve their educational and professional goals.

A tip for DE Students: Be sure to familiarize yourself with your course syllabus during the first week of classes.

Areas I can assist with:

  • Course Registration
  • Navigating Valencia resources
  • New Student Orientation
  • Dual Enrollment questions or concerns

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