Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is dual enrollment?
Dual enrollment is an acceleration program that allows students to pursue an advanced curriculum relevant to their individual college interests and simultaneously earn credit toward high school graduation requirements.

What is a Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement?
The Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement between a school district and a post-secondary institution establishes guidelines for implementing the program for eligible students. Section 1007.271(21), F.S., mandates that a school district and the local Florida College System institution enter into an agreement. The establishment of other articulation agreements (e.g., school districts and state universities or private post-secondary institutions, colleges and private secondary schools) are optional.

I have an IEP or 504 plan with my high school and identify as a student with a disability, where can I request assistance?
For information and assistance with registering please visis the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD).


How do I access Dual Enrollment Online New Student Orientation?
You can access instructions for completing the DE Online Orientation here: How do I access Dual Enrollment New Student Orientation? Please note: In person orientations are offered during the summer and are not required.

Must Valencia College enter into a Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement with a private school?
No. Florida law requires the Florida College System institution and school district to enter into a Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement. It is optional for the Florida College System institution to enter into articulation agreements with private schools.


How much does Dual Enrollment cost?
Dual enrollment students do not pay for courses. However, a fee will appear on all student accounts when they initially register for the term and will remain on the account until the public or private school is invoiced at the end of each applicable term.

Why is there a balance on my student account?
This is normal. A balance will remain on your account until the end of the term. Dual Enrollment students are not responsible for paying these fees. This balance will not cause you to be dropped from your courses.


Who pays for Dual Enrollment
New legislation requires schools to pay, a discounted tuition rate of $71.98, for all public and private dual enrolled students registered for approved courses. Each school is invoiced at the end of the applicable term. Application and tuition fees are waived for all homeschool dual enrollment students enrolled in approved courses. Home and private school students are responsible for their own textbooks/affiliated costs.

Textbook Information
Please visit our Textbook Information page to learn more about Valencia College's Textbook and Course Material Pickup Process.


Can I take online courses?
Yes, dual enrollment students are eligible to take online courses as well as face to face and mixed-mode courses.

Are online courses for me?
While both online courses and in-person courses provide quality education, online learning does allow for certain benefits. Online learning provides the opportunity for flexibility in course scheduling. Also, it provides the opportunity for independence as well as interaction with technology. As you consider online learning, consider the following questions:

  • How comfortable are you as it relates to time management?
  • Are you comfortable utilizing technology?
  • How would you gauge your ability to build connections in an online environment?

I've registered for classes. Where can I view and print my schedule?
You can access your detailed class schedule by logging into the Atlas → Clicking the Courses Tab → Registration → Student Detail Schedule.

Can a DE student pay their own tuition and fees in order to register for a course that is not DE approved?
No. Dual enrollment students must meet eligibility requirements to enroll in eligible courses.


What is the difference between "Drop" and "Withdrawal?"
Drop allows students to remove courses from their schedule without penalty if they do so prior to the drop deadline. Withdrawals remain on the student’s college transcript and count against their withdrawal allotment for Dual Enrollment participation. View the Course Registration page for dates and deadlines.


How many classes/credits can I take?
You can register for up to 4 courses (13 credit hours) each Fall and Spring term; and 2 courses (7 credit hours) for the Summer term.

Which Valencia courses should I take?
The purpose of dual enrollment is to prioritize meeting high school requirements while gaining college credits, simultaneously. According to the Florida Department of Education, the requirements for a high school diploma are: 4 english credits; 4 math credits; 3 science credits; 3 social science credits; 1 physical education credit; 8 elective credits; 1 fine art, speech or practical art credit; 2 world language credits (in the same language) and 1 online course. Courses offered at Valencia College will meet most of the high school requirements. Please view the Online Reference Booklet for more information and helpful resources such as the Approved Courses List and the A. A. Degree requirements.

When and where are Valencia courses offered?
Courses are offered before, during, after school hours, and also during summer break. You may take classes at any one of Valencia's campuses and, in some cases, at the high school. Ask your DE school representative if dual enrollment classes are offered at your high school campus. You can also take online courses. Please note: you are only able to take classes that last the full term of the fall and spring semesters. Please see the Course Registration page for more information.


How many Withdrawals are DE students allowed?
Dual Enrollment Student are allowed one withdrawal to maintain eligibility. View the Course Registration page for dates and deadlines.

Parking Permits And Student Id

Where can I get my student ID and parking pass?
Student ID's and parking permits are issued by the Security Office.



How much do parking permits and student IDs cost?
The parking permit for students at all Valencia College Campuses, with the exception of the downtown campus, is free. Student IDs are also free.


High School Requirements

Can I satisfy all of my HS Requirements at Valencia?
Most high school requirements can be satisfied, with the exception of World History, Algebra 1, Geometry and the Physical Education Requirement.

How many high school credits are awarded for dual enrollment courses?
All dual enrollment courses are awarded 0.5 or 1.0 credit towards high school graduation requirements. College credit is counted differently; each course will award at least 3 credits towards college graduation. Please view our Online Reference Booklet for more information.


How can I find out which college courses can transfer back to my high school?
We encourage you to speak with your DE school representative to discuss unmet high school requirements before meeting with a dual enrollment advisor. To further discuss college courses and how they transfer to your high school, schedule an appointment with a dual enrollment advisor. You can also view the Online Reference Booklet for more information.


Dual Enrollment After High School

Will credits earned in the Dual Enrollment program transfer to other colleges and universities?
Dual enrollment credits may be used toward a Valencia degree or transferred to any public college or university in Florida. Students who plan to transfer to a private college or to an institution in another state should contact the institution of interest to ask about their dual enrollment course transfer policies.

If I continue at Valencia after graduating from high school, do I have to re-apply?
No, you will not have to apply for admission again. You will be required to submit the following: FAFSA, Florida residency forms, change of major form and a final official high school transcript by the appropriate deadlines in order to register for courses as a degree-seeking student. Please note: You are responsible for all fees and tuition costs after high school graduation.


Can dual enrollment courses count toward a Bright Futures Scholarship?
Yes. Talk with your high school counselor or contact Bright Futures regarding how courses may be applied. The Bright Futures Comprehensive Table (CCT) lists all courses considered for state scholarships. Dual enrollment courses are found by scrolling to the bottom of each subject area list of courses. For each course the CCT displays the number of credits applied, its application to the different scholarship levels, and if the course is identified as "core" for admissions purposes to the State University System.

Can I take dual enrollment courses after my high school graduation date?
No, you are eligible to participate in the dual enrollment program up to the time that all high school graduation requirements are met. Additionally, dual enrollment students cannot continue enrollment once Valencia College A.A. degree requirements are met.