EAP Workshop Descriptions

All workshops are 1 hour. Students are expected to come on time, participate, and stay until the end of the workshop. Instructors will be emailed attendance at the end of the week. It is the students' responsibility to keep track of number of workshops attended. Lab staff does not keep a running record of each individual student's attendance.

Course Name
Conversation Hour Group discussions and language games/activities.
Pronunciation Four commonly confused sounds in the English language with spelling associated with sounds.
-ed Endings Pronunciation rules of regular past tense verbs with -ed endings.
Stress and Linking Common patterns involving word stress and linking.
Homophones Words that are pronounced alike but differ in spelling and meaning.
Prefixes and Suffixes Commonly occurring prefixes and suffixes.
Idioms Familiar or common expressions that mean something other than the literal meaning of the words.
Phrasal Verbs Expressions which combine verbs and particles to make new verbs.
PowerPoint Tutorial How to make PowerPoint presentations. Beginning and advanced students welcome.
Minimal Pairs Words that vary by only a single sound with practice of minimal pair sets.
MLA Format How to format essays using MLA style.
Nonverbal Communication Understanding nonverbal communication & learn how it enhances speeches.
Slang Discussion of slang and presentation of common slang in American culture.
Composing an Essay Guidance on elements of an essay, including thesis, introduction, and body

How to Sign Up

To sign up for a workshop, please visit the The EAP Lab (4-105), call 407-582-2098, or sign up electronically! Seats are limited, so sign-up today! 

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