Pathways to Success

Advanced Pathway

Designed for students that have successfully completed/placed out of college algebra and completed several lab science courses with a B or higher grade within the past 2-3 years. Highly motivated and able to enroll in a full-time load of 15+ credits each term.

This is typically the only pathway that can be completed in 2 years.

Tips for Current Students

  • Communicate with your Pre-Professional Health Advisor 1-2 times per semester.
  • Utilize the On-Line Resource Center to help you find quality opportunities efficiently.
  • Engage in your learning and participate in experiential activities. Being present is being a passive learning, you need to be an active authentic learner.
  • Find a balance that allows a rigorous education, high academic achievement, and unique experiential activities.
  • Time management is the number 1 skill you must develop and use effectively. Learn to efficiently structure your time, evaluate your usage and make appropriate changes when needed.
  • Students desiring a graduate medical education must make their education the number 1 priority in their life.

General Pathway

Designed for students that place at intermediate or college algebra and only has completed 1 lab science or completed these courses more than 4-5 years prior. Students need to be able to enroll in 10+ credits (one course needs to be a lab science). Complete Biology Readiness Tool/Research Advanced Sciences.

Students wanting to enroll in less than 10 credits need to meet with a PPH advisor.

Tips for Current Students

  • Remember, each institution (and sometimes specific majors) have their specific degree requirements, grading and policies so you may be required to complete additional courses, retake courses or GPA may be calculated differently.
  • Student should thoroughly research admission requirements for both the undergraduate university and professional school they wish to attend.
  • Valencia requires all college-level transcripts be submitted for evaluation regardless of age or major focus.

Health Science Pathway

Designed for students that place in preparatory courses or have not completed intermediate algebra and lab sciences previously. This pathway is also recommended for students needing to correct academic G.P.A. Research individual courses and methods of preparing for success, consider enrolling in BSC 1005C and CHM 1025C prior to advanced sciences. Research a wide range of career paths in healthcare.

Students wanting to enroll in less than 10 credits need to meet with a PPH advisor.

Tips for Current High School Students

  • Meet with your high school guidance counselor your Valencia Success Coach at your high school
  • Determine which if any Advanced Placement courses will be of benefit to you. (Caution many Graduate Medical Programs do not accept AP courses).
  • Select Dual Enrollment courses very carefully – English, math and lab sciences are best – avoid humanities, social sciences and electives as they are needed to maintain full-time and course balance in your freshman year.
  • Focus on completing as much advanced math as possible while in high school. Students should strive to be at the college pre-calculus or calculus level entering as a freshman to meet science requirements and sequencing.

Research various careers in healthcare, there are many careers for many different types of people. Grey's Anatomy it's not! Research the reality of these healthcare professions. TV and movies seldom reflect the reality of healthcare.

Most professional schools require extensive prerequisite courses for admission resulting in students needing to take additional courses outside of their undergraduate degree requirements. (Caution: most of these courses are not covered under federal financial aid resulting in out of pocket expenses).

Building a competitive student application profile involves high academic achievement and rigor; extensive out of class learning; vast amounts of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities; and may require significant personal or family monetary support.