Membership Policies

Membership Point System

Purpose: To encourage greater involvement in the Pre-Med Club related activities by assigning point values to listed activities members and officers can participate in.

Points accrue to various levels earning club officers and members variety of initiatives completed throughout the semester such as, graduation stoles/cords, club opportunities, medical instruments, etc. Points are tracked by the Club Secretary based on submission of information from the Club Leaders and attendance records at Pre-Med Club events and meetings. Membership points must be verified and documented by the Club Secretary (or other officer, depending on circumstances). The point values are determined by the importance of a particular activity to the Pre-Med Club community status, financial well-being, or member business. The points are redeemable at the end of every semester and allocated as follows:

Name of Activity Description and Requirements Points
Pre-Med Club Application Pre-Med Club Application Earn 20 points just for joining the Pre-Med Club. You must fill out the entire application.
- Once you've applied, wait for the welcome email and you'll earn 20 points.
20 +
Pre-Med General Meetings Throughout the semester the Pre-Med club will have General Meetings. You must sign in on the attendance sheet to receive points. 40 +
Pre-Med Club Events- On Campus Seminars/Workshop Throughout the semester the Pre-Med Club will have special events. You must sign in on the attendance sheet to receive points. 55 +
Pre-Med Club Volunteer Event Throughout the semester the Pre-Med Club will schedule volunteer events on and off campus. You must attend the entire event and show up on time. 50 +
Pre-Med Surveys We will occasionally send out surveys to ask your opinion and feedback on the club. You must fill our survey and submit before deadline. 20 +
Hospital Tours We will have occasional hospital tours. You must attend the entire event and show up on time. 40 +
Off Campus Event: (Community Related) The Pre-Med Club will be invited to many Open Houses, Events, Seminars, Workshops, etc.
- The event must be Pre-Med approved, if you're not sure, send an email.
- You must attend the entire event and show up on time.
60 +
Tabling Recruitment Throughout the semester club officers will be tabling on campus. Come by our table and say hello: earn 10 points!
- You must sign in on our sheet for verification.
10 +
Member Recruitment Earn 20 points by referring a student to the Pre-Med Club. The student must fill out the club application completely. 20 +
Attendance at Activity: If you are more than 20 minutes late to an event you signed up for you will lose 20 points
- If you do not show up to an event you signed up for you will lose 50 points.
Minus 20-50
Behavior at Activity: - If you present yourself in a disrespectful manner such as not following the dress code, being rude, or not following the rules and regulations of the Pre-Med Club, you will lose 30 points. Minus 30

The Valencia College Pre-Med Club will provide incentives for committed members who have shown a interest in the club and the field of healthcare. All points must be verified by the Pre-Med Club Leaders. All points will be reviewed and redeemed in the last 4 weeks of every semester for all members in good standing.

Required Amount of Points Incentives Description
200 Points Eligible to apply for officer position Congratulations, you are now able to apply to be more involved with the Pre-Med Club by becoming an officer!
201-300 Points Medical Instrument This varies depending on medical specialty; for example, students on the M.D. track will receive a stethoscope.
301-400 Points Pre-Med Certification You have proven yourself as a committed Pre-Med Member and you will receive a certification for being a part of the club!
401-500 Points Graduation Cord/Stole If you are close to graduation, this would be perfect! Graduate with a cord or stole with the Pre-Med Colors, representing your hard work and dedication toward our club.