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Getting Started

Academic Advising can assist you in developing a well-balanced education plan that includes Associate in Arts requirements, bachelor degree prerequisites and prerequisites for professional school admission. Complete a self-assessment to help you determine your strengths and challenges of your student profile. It can also assist in developing specific interventions for improvement. Review current announcement list on-campus events, local and national events of interest to pre-professional health students.


Advising resources provides students with the roles and responsibilities of the advisee and advisor. This section also provided self-guided workshops to walk a student through the steps of pre-professional health advising. Educational Resources include on-line MOOCs, videos and other support links for pre-professional health students. Valencia resources is a list of resources that are available to Valencia students to assist with their academic success.


Begin extra-curricular activities in various areas such as: leadership development, clinical experiences, study abroad, volunteerism, etc. Document activities to build a competitive profile that is relevant to the application process for a graduate health education program.