Faculty Information

Welcome to Dual Enrollment, and thank you for enabling students to enroll in college credit dual enrollment courses at the high school. Without your support this opportunity would not be available.

Please note especially the “Dual Enrollment High School Term Dates and Withdrawal Dates”. Valencia adjuncts teaching at the high schools follow this calendar rather than the Valencia academic calendar, including the deadlines for grade submissions.

Spring 2022 Dates

  •  Application Available: Wednesday, September 15, 2021
  •  Application Deadline: Friday, October 15, 2021
  •  Assessment Score Deadline: Friday, November 5, 2021

Keep in mind that Valencia's academic calendar and the school district calendar are not in sync, so be especially mindful when communicating with students about assignments that may fall during vacation breaks. In all things, please work closely with the High School Guidance Counselor and Assistant Principal of Instruction (API), as well as with your department Dean.

If you are not a County School Board employee, you will need security clearance under the Jessica Lunsford Act. Also, if you teach in Orange County and have a badge that is over one year old, you need to get it renewed. Osceola County does not require a renewal.

The course you will be teaching is a college level course and should be taught in a manner that is identical to the way you would teach it on a Valencia campus. A minimum of 15 eligible DE students and no more than 25 students are required in order for a course to be offered at the high school location. DE courses are college courses in both content and outcomes. Valencia will evaluate instruction and monitor student performance using the same criteria for judging instructional quality as is in effect for all courses offered at the college. Faculty who teach DE courses will follow the same professional rules, guidelines and expectations for all Valencia faculty.

If you are not a full-time Valencia faculty member, your Dean will provide you with the same course final exam and the textbook used in comparable Valencia courses. If you have any questions at all about curriculum, teaching methods, Valencia’s grade submission processes, or need to discuss an issue regarding your class, please speak with your Dean.

Valencia DE will be required to collect the final exams at the end of the course and maintain them for the State of Florida Auditor General for a period of one year. At the end of the course please provide these exams to your Dean in an envelope. Include your name, course name & CRN, and term on the outside of the envelope.

All faculty should have a syllabus and academic calendar ready for distribution which is in keeping with Valencia guidelines and departmental requirements for the course(s) you are teaching. Contact your Dean if you need more information about your syllabus.

Again, many thanks for your decision to join the DE faculty and assist us in ensuring the best academic experience possible for our students!