Elements of Action Research

Elements - Reflective Critique

A. Reflection on the Action Research Project

An essential function of the action research concept is to value the importance of looking back on one's work, both in terms of process and results. The overarching questions to answer are 'How do you intend to use the results of this project?'and 'What would I do differently next time?' The following prompts can help you formulate a purposeful reflection on your project. Besides these questions, the following questions may also help you focus your reflection:

  • Given my results, how will I use this information to improve student learning in the future? To improve my practice?
  • What additional questions arose that I might want to pursue? Do I have further research questions?
  • How might I change my research question in light of the results?
  • What other innovation might I try next time, based on these results?
  • How relevant or realistic were my standards or expectations?
  • How might my research question be investigated in the future?

B. Critical Evaluation of Each Essential Competency in the Action Research Project

ARPs done as part of the tenure process require candidates to critically evaluate each specified essential competency in the FLO. Tenure candidates are required to respond to the following prompts:

  • For each of the Essential Competencies of a Valencia Educator demonstrated in this FLO, explain how the methods used aided student learning and/or helped the candidate to become a better counselor, teacher, or librarian.
  • How can the methodology used in attaining the Essential Competency be improved?