About Action Research

Action research can be described as a family of research methodologies which pursue action (or change) and research (or understanding) at the same time. In most of its forms it does this by using a cyclic or spiral process which alternates between action and critical reflection and in the later cycles, continuously refining methods, data and interpretation in the light of the understanding developed in the earlier cycles. --  Dick, Bob (1999)

Action Research, a scholarly approach to improve teaching and learning, can be a central piece of professional development. This project-based research can benefit professors, counselors, and librarians by actively engaging them in the collaborative study of learning as it takes place day by day in the context of their own practices. Through this small-scale, practical research, faculty members can investigate questions regarding student learning that directly impact their practices. At Valencia, action research has become a significant aspect of faculty development, thereby reinforcing the College's community of learners and culture of evidence.

We offer many opportunities to support faculty members who are interested in exploring action research. These resources and courses help faculty members develop a best practices framework for action research and Valencia's Standards of Scholarship.


  • Tutorial Web Site

    This interactive tutorial walks you through the elements of action research and provides opportunities to self-assess your knowledge of the action research process.

  • Action Research Builder Tutorial

    This tutorial includes step-by-step instructions on loading your project to the Action Research Project Builder, which is located in the Faculty tab in Ateaching-learning-academys.


  • Model Action Research Projects
    The competencies addressed in the following AR projects were effective prior to the 2016 update.

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