Departments & Staff

Downtown Library Departments & Staff

Library Administration

Eugene JonesExec Dean's Office DTCExecutive Dean, DTC(407) 582-1635

Downtown Library Circulation/Reference Service Desk -- 407-235-3720

Angela HallLibrary Science DTCLibrarian(407) 582-3504

East Library Departments & Staff

Library Administration

Leonard BassLearning Support Office EACDean, Learning Supp EAC(407) 582-2745
Jen DiazLibrary EACLibrary Office Systems Manager(407) 582-2467

East Library Circulation Desk -- 407-582-2459

Safia AlkhubLibrary EACLibrary Assistant(407) 582-2459
Kelsie CoxInternship & Workforce ServicesStaff Assistant II() 407-5822037
Adriana InamaguaLibrary EACLibrary Assistant(407) 582-2459
Francisco QuinteroLibrary EACEmerging Tech Library Spec(407) 582-2014
Jeannie A RodriguezLibrary EACLibrary Assistant(407) 582-2424
Keila Rodriguez GonzalezLibrary EACLibrary Assistant(407) 582-2459
Fadwa SaqqaLibrary EACLibrary Services Supervisor(407) 582-2461

East Library Reference Desk -- 407-582-2456

Jasmine AlvaradoLibrary EACLibrarian
Ven BascoLibrary EACLibrarian(407) 582-2461
Brian CalhounLibrary EACLibrarian(407) 582-2456
Diane DalrympleLibrary EACLibrarian(407) 582--2887
Reggie DavisLibrary WPKLibrarian(407) 582-2456
Erich HeintzelmanLibrary EACLibrarian(407) 582-2886
Ciara HensleyLibrary EACEmerging Tech Librarian(407) 582-2812
Karli MairLibrary EACLibrarian(407) 582-2456
Courtney MooreLibrary EACLibrarian(407) 582-2883
Melissa SchneiderLibrary EACLibrarian
Min TongLibrary EACLibrarian(407) 582-2456
Chris WettsteinLibrary EACLibrarian(407) 582-2888
Joanne WojtytoLibrary EACLibrarian(407) 582-2456

Lake Nona Campus

Library Administration

Michael BlackburnExec Dean's Office LNCMgr, Learning Support Services(407) 582-7222

Lake Nona Library Circulation and Reserves -- 407-582-7107

Angela CabreraLibrary LNCLibrary Assistant(407) 582-7107
Daisy HidalgoLibrary LNCLibrary Services Supervisor(407) 582-7114
Kristen RosarioLibrary LNCLibrary Assistant(407) 582-7107
Chris VegaLibrary LNCLibrary Assistant(407) 582-7107

Lake Nona Library Reference -- 407-582-7009

Emilie BuckleyLibrary LNCLibrarian(407) 582-7009

Osceola Campus

Library Administration

Landon ShephardLearning Support Office OSCDean, Learning Supp OSC(407) 582-4877

Osceola Library Circulation and Reserves -- 407-582-4155

Karyn BellLibrary OSCLibrary Assistant(321) 682-4155
Trey BrownLibrary OSCLibrary Assistant(321) 682-4155
Jose DiazLibrary OSCLibrary Assistant(407) 582-4150
Akilah ReederCE Open Enrollment/Business AgreeLibrary Assistant(321) 682-4155
Marcie RhoadsLibrary OSCLibrary Specialist(407) 582-4153
Chantal WashingtonLibrary OSCLibrary Assistant

Osceola Library Reference -- 407-582-4155

Sarah DockrayLibrary OSCLibrarian(407) 582-4156
Chereeka GarnerLibrary OSCLibrarian(321) 682-4154
Brendan KalishLibrary OSCLibrarian
Elizabeth KanieckiNew Student Experience OSCPart-Time Faculty, NSE OSC(407) 582-4154
Cheryl Ann LivingstonLibrary OSCLibrarian(407) 582-4957
Jenna SettlesLibrary OSCLibrarian(407) 582-4853

Judy Kuhns Reference Desk UCF Librarian 407-582-4154

Poinciana Campus

Poinciana Library Administration

Charminta BrownLearning Support Office PNCMgr, Learning Support Services(407) 582-6155

Poinciana Library Circulation -- 407-582-6027

Veda Cruz-BudachLibrary Science PNCLibrary Assistant(407) 582-6155
Dewanna HollowayLibrary Science PNCLibrary Assistant
Michelle Morales PinedaLibrary Science PNCLibrary Assistant(321) 682-4334

Poinciana Library Reference -- 407-582-6025

Karene BestLibrary Science PNCLibrarian(407) 582-6025

West Campus Departments & Staff

West Library Administration

Jeannie L RodriguezLibrary WECLibrary Office Systems Manager(407) 582-1210
Ruth SmithLibrary WECCampus Dir, Library W(407) 582-1601

West Library Acquisitions & Technical Services

Susan LingLibrary Acquisition & Tech Svcs WECLibrary Accounting Specialist(407) 582-1213
Sonja MollisonLibrary Acquisition & Tech Svcs WECLibrarian(407) 582-2888
Tracy PizziLibrary Acquisition & Tech Svcs WECMgr, Library Cataloging/Acquis

West Library Circulation -- 407-582-1432

Cynthia BermeoLibrary WECLibrary Assistant(407) 582-1574
Ana Borzacchini CastroLibrary WECLibrary Assistant(407) 582-1574
Kaleema GreshamLibrary WECLibrary Assistant(407) 582-5407
Tyler GuerrierLibrary WECLibrary Assistant(407) 582-1574
Sabrina JonesLibrary WECLibrary Assistant(407) 582-1574
Daryl John ParilloLibrary WECLibrary Assistant(407) 582-1574
Oriana Pastore FerroLibrary WECLibrary Assistant(407) 582-1574
Ida Pastore FerroLibrary WECLibrary Assistant(407) 582-1574
Jean RaphaelLibrary WECLibrary Assistant(407) 582-1574
Alicia SpruceLibrary WECLibrary Services Supervisor(407) 582-1653
Angela TomlinsonLibrary WECLibrary Assistant(407) 582-1574
Vicki WitzLibrary WECLibrary Assistant(407) 582-1574

West Library Reference -- 407-582-1432

Lisa ClousingLibrary WECLibrarian
Nardia CumberbatchLibrary WECLibrarian(407) 582-1528
Reggie DavisLibrary WPKLibrarian(407) 582-2456
Sara GomezLibrary WECLibrarian(407) 582-1653
Sharon JohnstonLibrary WECLibrarian(407) 582-1528
Beth KingLibrary WECLibrarian(407) 582-1854
Jessica LangoneLibrary WECLibrarian
David NoeLibrary WECLibrarian
Devika RamsinghLibrary WECLibrarian(407) 582-1536
Mary RubinLibrary WECLibrarian
Ricardo Ruiz VazquezLibrary WECLibrarian
Regina SeguinLibrary WECLibrarian(407) 582-1361

Lily Dubach                                                           UCF Librarian 407-582-1432

Winter Park Campus Departments & Staff

Winter Park Administration

Nelson Torres ArroyoLibrary WPKMgr, Learning Support Services(407) 582-6815

Winter Park Circulation -- 407-582-6814

Heather HudsonLibrary Assistant
Rachel KirkleyLibrary Assistant
Amanda MoralesLibrary Assistant
Annie RogersEmerging Tech Library Spec
Miranda ScottiLibrary Assistant
Maria ThompsonLibrary Assistant

Winter Park Reference

Adam JohnsonLibrary WPKEmerging Tech Librarian(407) 582-6019