How to Succeed

Stay Connected

Communicating with your professor

There are two easy ways to communicate with your professors:

The first way is use to the Conversations tool inside of Canvas. This feature allows you to quickly send messages to your professor(s). Watch the Conversations Overview video to learn how to use this tool.

A second option is to email your professor from your Atlas email account. Always include the course number and your Valencia ID number in your email. And, don’t forget to check your Atlas email for your professor’s response.

What if I don't get a response?

Double-check the Conversations tool in Canvas or your Atlas email to ensure you did not miss their response. Remember: if you email your professors from Atlas, their responses will appear in Atlas. If you send the professor a message in Conversations, his or her response will appear in Canvas.

 TIP:  Some professors have virtual office hours (also known as “Engagement Hours.”)
Check the Announcements section in Canvas or the syllabus for days and times when your professor may be available. If your professor does not have virtual office hours, you can still contact him or her using the Conversations tool or Atlas email.



Connecting with your classmates

You can use the Conversations tool in Canvas or connect with your classmates online using Google Hangouts, Zoom, or on social media like Facebook, where your classmates can set up a closed Facebook group.

Stay Focused

Time management strategies

If you are worried about your time management skills, try following a couple of strategies that are listed below.

Strategy 1: Micro-actions

Rather than try to take on an entire project at once, break it into small pieces and tasks. Starting a ten-page research paper can be difficult because the task seems enormous, which makes it feel overwhelming, which can often lead to procrastination. Instead, break up the paper into micro-actions and set simple and attainable goals. Start by giving your paper a title and writing the first paragraph.

Strategy 2: The Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique was created by software developer Francesco Cirillo to reduce distractions and the inability to focus on a specific task.

For more details and to see examples of this technique, checkout this article.

The Pomodoro Technique: The Tomato Inspired Productivity Philosophy

Pomodoro Technique

Develop a weekly schedule

We recommend designating specific times of the day to work on specific courses — much like you would in a traditional, face-to-face class.

If you can, identify a quiet space with limited distractions where you can work on your courses. (Children, pets and family members are wonderful to have around, but they don’t make good classmates in an online learning environment.)

Learning to Learn Online" is a free digital resource that provides great tips for online learning, including a section on how to develop a weekly schedule that works.


Reach out to a Valencia College counselor.

Please complete this form to connect with a counselor on your campus. 

Counseling Support Form


Managing Stress and Anxiety

It can be a challenge to focus in a time of crisis. You may experience feelings of overwhelming anxiety and ambiguity. It is okay. The best thing we can do is take things one day at a time. Here are some techniques and resources to help you manage your mental health during this uncertain time.

Reach out to a Valencia College counselor:

Baycare EAP provider
Valencia College Resources

Valencia College has contracted with a private counseling service to provide short-term assistance to credit-seeking students who need to resolve challenges that are negatively impacting their academic performance and/or emotional wellbeing. BayCare provides a toll-free confidential helpline 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

There are three ways to connect with BayCare:

Phone number: 1-800-878-5470


Stay Successful

Submitting your assignments

There are a number of ways to submit graded work in your class. Your professor will provide you with a revised course schedule, including all assignments and due dates.

Review the resources below for short tutorials about using each one:

Taking quizzes and tests online

Watch the Quizzes Overview video to learn about taking quizzes in your online class in Canvas.

Navigating technical issues while taking tests online

What if I lose my internet connection or my screen freezes during a quiz or test?
If you experience a glitch on a test, take a screenshot of the page and message (or email) your professor immediately.

Canvas Support is available 24/7 in case you experience any problems with a quiz or test. Click the Help Icon in the Canvas Global Navigation bar to chat live with someone from Canvas, speak 24/7 with a tech support specialist, or to submit a ticket. If the problem cannot be fixed immediately, notify your instructor and provide him or her with the Help Desk ticket number.

How to access tutoring

Valencia College Learning Support Centers provide free online tutoring. Valencia tutors will be available to support students in the areas of Math & Science, Writing, Accounting and Economics. Valencia tutors can be accessed in Canvas through the Help icon.

Help screenshot

The college will also continue to offer 24/7 online tutoring through its  Distance Tutoring Help platform.

Available library resources
Librarians and library staff are working remotely to provide online library services and resources. The library will continue to support students, whether classes are face-to-face or online.

Valencia College librarians are online at Ask a Librarian to answer research and library related questions via live chat and e-mail. Library electronic resources, including databases, articles, e-books and streaming videos, are available online 24/7. Access library electronic resources by logging in to Atlas and clicking Search the Library. For further help and information, visit the  Quick Start Library Guide.

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