New Student Experience

Welcome to the New Experience webpage, where you will find valuable resources to help support you in your first semester and beyond! The New Student Experience (SLS 1122) is a credit-earning course designed to assist students in formulating their purpose in life. Through self-discovery, students will investigate their interests, strengths and personal values that align with their educational and career goals.


The New Student Experience is designed to improve student learning and overall progress in college and beyond. This course is based on the foundation of the following "Six Ps": 

The Six Ps: place, purpose, pathway, plan, preparation and personal connection.
  • Place: Students will demonstrate awareness of college support systems
  • Purpose: Students will create a personal purpose statement that outlines and articulates their values, goals, interests and strengths in relation to their educational and career aspirations
  • Pathway: Students will choose an academic program aligned with their educational/career goals, interests, strengths, and values
  • Plan: Students will design an education plan that includes goals for learning and a financial plan
  • Preparation: Students will apply college success skills, and
  • Personal Connection: Students will demonstrate effective communication skills with diverse groups

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  • How to Succeed: Strategies to help you be successful in online classes
  • Getting Help: College resources that can help you with assignments and technology



First Year Tips for Success

Valencia Student Leaders share their first year tips for success

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Did you know Valencia College offers more than ten different Student Life Skills courses such as "Job Search", "Digital Learning Strategies", and "Career Development"? Please note other Student Life Skills courses will not replace SLS 1122, if required by your degree program. Check out the full list of courses and see which one is right for you!

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