Promotional Suppliers

As of FY 2022-2023 the Campus Store will exclusively handle all promotional and branded items for Valencia College departments. Working directly with promotional item vendors is prohibited. By designating the Campus Store as our one-stop location for Valencia-branded and mascot merchandise, in addition to the profits supporting our students, we can eliminate duplication of efforts across departments, better negotiate pricing on orders, and ensure products meet brand standards and follow trademark and copyright laws.

Campus Stores

The Campus Store, owned and operated by Valencia College, stocks a wide arrangement of course materials, supplies, backpacks, technology, and Valencia Spirit Wear. Departments are encouraged to request a quote from the Campus Store when looking to procure promotional items. Your purchases at the Campus Store help keep your dollars on campus.

Promotional Items

Promotional and Branded Merchandise

If you want swag, Valencia College’s Campus Store has it. Our Campus Store can assist with departmental orders of Valencia College branded or mascot merchandise for giveaway items like T-shirts, keychains, notebooks, you name it!