Tenure Summit Minutes Fall 2004

The reform of the tenure process is the product of Valencia's shared governance process.  All matters concerning tenure are endorsed by the Faculty Association and approved by the College Learning Council.  The development of the tenure process relied on highly collaborative 'Tenure Summits' involving all the stakeholders. These summit meetings are a dynamic, open collaborative decision-making forums, where difficult issues are resolved expediently. 

Tenure Summit Summary, Submitted by Professor Michael Shugg and Dr. Tracy Edwards, Co-chairs of the College Learning Council, Fall Term 2004

Summary of Tenure Summit Findings, Fall Term 2004

From Collected Feedback from Invited Participants (Participants included stakeholders from Valencia's entire academic community)

  1. Tenure Review Committee (TRC) members should be required of all committee members, including deans.  The training should be minimally intrusive with online versions available.  Human Resources should be responsible for providing the training, but Teaching and Learning Academy (TLA) staff could assist in preparing materials.
  2. We support the form submitted by the Instructional Affairs Council (IAC)   The form submitted allows for narrative information while providing a format for the material that increases the consistency of the materials submitted.
  3. The general feedback suggests that there is still much institutional confusion about TLA, Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs) and the tenure process.  It is suggested that Valencia do a better job of communicating that TLA and the ILP process are prerequisites for tenure, but not part of the tenure approval process.   The tenure decision is based on teaching and continued professional practice as a learning leader at Valencia.  TLA is only a part of that process.  A narrative and chart are being circulated, and will be part of the TRC training, in an attempt to clarify this.

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