Tenure Summit Minutes Fall 2010

The reform of the tenure process is the product of Valencia's shared governance process.  All matters concerning tenure are endorsed by the Faculty Association and approved by the College Learning Council.  The development of the tenure process relied on highly collaborative 'Tenure Summits' involving all the stakeholders. These summit meetings are a dynamic, open collaborative decision-making forums, where difficult issues are resolved expediently. 

Tenure Summit Minutes November 30, 2010 (CJI): Submitted by:  Faculty Council, President Lisa Macon Vice-President Bob Gessner; College Learning Council Co-chair Jean-Marie Fuhrman; and Celine Kavalec-Miller

Decided:  All decisions reached in the 2010 Tenure Summit will become part of the Tenure Policy and Procedures. 

1. Amendments to Clarify and Resolve Ambiguities in Language
Paragraph III.A. and Paragraph 5 III.B. 5-9 of the Procedures for Policy 6Hx28: 3E-02, Award of Tenure and Evaluation of Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty should be amended to include all language changes proposed in the "Discussion Points" document, except for the language describing the number of committees for each division.  That language should be amended to state that each division needs only one TRC for all eligible tenure candidates. 

2. Tenure Sequence
The tenure sequence for counselors and SLS faculty will follow the tenure sequences in the chart below.       


SLS Professors

1) Tenure Review Committee
2) Dean/Director
3) Provost
4) VP Student Affairs
5) President
6) District Board of Trustees

1) Tenure Review Committee
2) Director
3) Provost
4) Asst VP, Curriculum Dev and Art
5) Chief Learning Officer
6) President
7) District Board of Trustees

3. Initial STudent Success TRC Election Process
Due to the college-wide structure of Student Success, TRC elections for all eligible SLS tenure candidates will follow the guidelines below until there are at least 2 tenured faculty members.

  • The Director of Student Success will solicit volunteers from tenured faculty and form one college-wide committee with faculty from different campuses. This committee will review all eligible tenure candidates in this division.
  • Committee members will be chosen via an election by tenured faculty members college-wide, organized by the Director of Student Success.
  • Once there are at least 2 tenured faculty members, Student Success will follow the TRC election process described for Small Divisions. 

4. TRC Elections for Small Divisions

Current Small Divisions
: Due to their unique status and small numbers, for the purposes of TRC elections only, consider the college-wide community of counselors, librarians and SLS faculty divisions.

Future Small Divisions (This decision was deferred, but the proposal is included in the minutes for reference in future summits.)
This proposal will apply to new or small campus-based divisions. 

  • For faculty (with the exceptions of counselors, librarians) until there are more than 2 tenured faculty members in the division.
  • The Director or Dean will solicit volunteers from tenured faculty on that campus.
  • Committee members will be chosen via an election of all tenured faculty members on the campus, organized by the Director Dean.

5.  These decisions should be implemented immediately. 

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