Tenure Summit Minutes Summer 2005

The reform of the tenure process is the product of Valencia's shared governance process.  All matters concerning tenure are endorsed by the Faculty Association and approved by the College Learning Council.  The development of the tenure process relied on highly collaborative 'Tenure Summits' involving all the stakeholders. These summit meetings are a dynamic, open collaborative decision-making forums, where difficult issues are resolved expediently. 

Tenure Summit Summary, Submitted by Professor Amy Bosley and Dr. Louise Pitts, Co-chairs of the College Learning Council, Summer Term B, 2005

  1. A Secondary ILP Review Panel will consult all primary sources, including the original panel's final report. The intent is for the Secondary ILP Review Panel to assess the portfolio holistically taking into consideration the original panel's final report.
  2. In the case where a portfolio warrants the review of a Secondary Review Panel, the original ILP Review Panel should have access to the Secondary Review Panel's final report.
  3. One unified report should be sent to the tenure candidate by the dean after the Year-one and Year-two ILP/Portfolio Review Panel meetings.  The report should reflect the consensus of the ILP Review Panel with the full balance of findings, including the strengths and areas needed for improvement. 
  4.  An Action Research Project (ARP) is encouraged to be included in each ILP; however, an ARP is not a required element.  Each dean and candidate will make the appropriate needs assessment regarding the value of an ARP to the candidate's ILP.
  5. Continued training for ILP Review Panelists is needed, especially in the understanding and assessment of Action Research Projects. 
  6. ILP reviews will take place on a college campus.
  7. Currently, student's evaluation of instruction is reflected in the annual performance reviews prepared by the candidate's dean.  When the college has adopted an electronic instrument, the logistics of how the Tenure Review Committee accesses this information will be decided at a future Summit.

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