Departmental Unit Action Plans (DAPs) are presented on this web-site for the entire academic community of Valencia to view. The College's annual planning and evaluation cycle requires that academic departments identify plans related to the Strategic Learning Plan that include learning outcomes.

In July of 2003, the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chief Learning Officer met with the academic deans and designed a new set of procedures to plan and evaluate educational effectiveness of the College's academic programs, with emphasis on the quality of student learning outcomes. At the end of the annual cycle, an evaluation form will be completed and used to document specific measures of educational effectiveness.

As we move toward new forms of assessment at the College we will no doubt see some changes in how we document student learning outcomes, and how we use the results of our analysis of the outcomes to plan new goals.

2016-17 Student Affairs Planning and Evaluation Links

To comply with SACS Principles of Accreditation requirements, Comprehensive Standards 3.3.1, each Student Affairs department will design and implement an annual plan to improve student services and success.

3.3.1 The institution identifies expected outcomes for its educational programs and its administrative and educational support services; assesses whether it achieves these outcomes; and provides evidence of improvement based on analysis of those results.

The Index of Plans provided below includes an informational overview including a Department Action Plan (DAP) number, department of origin, campus, student affairs leader and a brief topical focus for each plan. By clicking on a Division Action Plan (DAP) number you will be linked to current planning and evaluation documents.

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 SA1617-01 Linda Herlocker Admissions & Records Fully implement the CRM for Recruit.
 SA1617-02 Linda Herlocker Admissions & Records Create and implement enhanced department-wide communicaton stragegies to enhance team building college wide.
 SA1617-03 Nicholas Estee Admissions & Records Focus on CRM training, automating admissions letters, and creating beneficial edit reports.
 SA1617-04 Reyna Rangel Admission/Records Systems Provide system support and cross training for upcoming Recruit project.
 SA1617-05 Joe Sarrubbo Atlas Access Labs To continue with the creation and expansion of an online interactive training module for the support specialist II staff members, IWS, FWS and student leaders.
 SA1617-06 Lisa Stilke Atlas Information Systems Continued implementation of the Adviser CRM.
 SA1617-07 Lisa Stilke Atlas Information Systems Continued implementation of the Degree Works Plans tab.
 SA1617-08 Tanisha Carter Bridges to Success Improving our academic outcomes for our students by implementing strategies.

Evelyn Lora-Santos, Ed Holmes, John Britt

Career Centers College wide Along with OIT and Marketing, the Career Center will develop the content of the Career Center website.
 SA1617-10 Amy Kleeman College Transitions Enhance and improve the enrollment process to be more seamless and student-friendly.
 SA1617-11 Joe Sarrubbo Dean of Students East Campus Implementing Who's Next (an electronic queuing system) at East Campus.
 SA1617-12 Jill Szentmiklosi Dean of Students Osceola Campus Continue implementation of LifeMap 2.0 Advising to include CRM.

 SA1617  -13

Joe Sarrubbo Dean of Students Winter Park Campus The Winter Park DOS team will create its own team user's manual to guide new and existing staff.
 SA1617-14 Ben Lion Dean of Students West Campus Evaluate the DOS-WC space and make recommendation to enhance the space to benefit student services.
 SA1617-15 Latishua Lewis Dual Enrollment Continue to develop and implement strategies to enhance Dual Enrollment processes and procedures.
 SA1617-16 Jacquelyn Thompson Enrollment Services Strengthen mastery of content shared through Enrollment Service to increase student preparation.
 SA1617-17 Tamika Martin Financial Aid Create communications or workshops for employees to learn about the new student loan repayment options.
 SA1617-18 Tamika Martin Financial Aid Monitor FWS awards, placement and development to benefit the Federal Work Study students.
 SA1617-19 Deb Larew Office for Students with Disabilities Conduct an OSD self-study to insure compliance with legal standards and best practices related to students with disabilities.
 SA1617-20 Edwin Sanchez Records & Graduation Develop online forms in Atlas to assist students in submission, processing and identifying the status of their record changes.
 SA1617-21 Erica Reese Standardized Testing Continue the work and implementation of newly created Assessment Blackboard Course.
 SA1617-22 Tracey Olsen-Oliver Student Development Enhance or create/implement a variety of co-curricular experiences and opportunities.
 SA1617-23 Sonya Joseph & Mindy Smith Lake Nona Student Administration Strengthen relationship between Academic Affairs and Student Services at LNC.
 SA1617-24 Sonya Joseph Student Affairs Administration Create a Student Affairs plan for the Valencia/UCF Downtown Campus in collaboration with the UCF Student Affairs Team.
 SA1617-25 Daniel Turner Title Pathways Increase accessibility of advising resources for students.
 SA1617-26 Nikky Ferrer Transition Planning Continue to strengthen and redesign exiting programs and outreach initiatives.
 SA1617-27 Kelly Astro Valencia Promise Redesign and re-implementation of the Valencia Promise/Horizon Scholars Program program.