Forms & Worksheets

Welcome to the Valencia College Forms & Worksheets page. Follow all instructions carefully or your financial aid may be delayed.

2023-2024 Forms and Worksheets

  • DO NOT complete forms 1 - 2 unless they are requested by our office.
  • Make sure you submit the correct form, or your aid will be delayed.
  • No-Atlas Online (eSign) forms require first time users to create an account. (Students and parents must each create their own separate accounts.)
  • Active Atlas Online (eSign) forms can be used if you are a student and already have an Atlas account.
  • Please use Financial Aid Office's Secure Document Upload Form to submit your documents. Each document you submit, should have your VID listed for identification purposes. If you cannot use our form for any reason, you can also mail a physical copy of the document to: Valencia College, Financial Aid Services MC 4-17, P.O. Box 3028 Orlando, FL 32802.

    • We do not accept documents via email due to personally identifiable information (PII), such as Social Security Number and Date of Birth, on your documents.      
  • Once your document is received and scanned in for processing you will see the requirement updated on your Valencia Account. Be sure to check ATLAS frequently for updates.

Description No-Atlas Online (eSign) Active Atlas Online (eSign) Print
Financial Aid Office's Secure Document Upload Form   Atlas Online  
1. Bachelor's Degree Confirmation Form Online Atlas Online  
2. Declaration of Parental Non-Support Form Online Atlas Online  

3. Federal Direct Loan Change Request

(Only complete this form if you are requesting changes to your existing 2023-2024 Federal Direct Stafford Student Loans or to reinstate a loan that was previously canceled) 

Online Atlas Online  

4. Parent Loan (Plus) Certification Request

(This form must be completed and eSigned by the parent)

Online Atlas Online  
5. Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Form – All Terms      PDF
6. Are you making SAP? Use This Worksheet as a Guide      PDF
7. Private Loan Self-Certification Form      PDF
8. Professional Judgment Request Form      PDF
9. Request an IRS Transcript Online IRS Webpage
10. Request an IRS Transcript by Phone 1-800-908-9946