Frequently Asked Questions

What type of identification do I need to use the Testing Center?

You must provide one of the following types of photo identification: 1) Valencia student ID, 2) UCF student ID, 3) driver's license, 4) state identification card, or 5) passport

Did my instructor leave a test for me in the Testing Center?

Call the Welcome Desk to find out what tests are available.

What if my test is not in the Testing Center?

Contact your instructor.

When is the deadline for my test?

Call the Welcome Desk to find out what the deadline is for a particular test if the Testing Center has been given one. Some instructors do not give the Testing Center a specific deadline for their tests, or may adjust the deadline for each class. In this case, contact your instructor for a definitive answer.

Can I begin my test when the Testing Center is closing?

No. You must show up at the Testing Center at least one hour before the Testing Center closes. In some cases you might need to show up even earlier than that (depending on the length of the test you are taking). The Testing Center will not administer a test in the hour before the Testing Center closes.

Can I take the CPT, NET, or CJ-BAT in the Testing Center?

No. You take assessment tests through Assessment Services.

The Testing Center does administer the CPT on Saturdays from 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM when Assessment Services is closed. Contact Assessment Services during their normal hours for the results.

May I bring my child to the Testing Center? He's really well behaved.

Children are not allowed inside of the testing center under any circumstances.

Per Valencia policy (PDF) children must be supervised by an adult at all times while on campus.

May I use my cell phone, I-Pod, or Blackberry in the Testing Center?

No! You must turn off all electronic devices before you enter the Testing Center.

Using any unauthorized electronic device in any way during a test is considered academic dishonesty (cheating), with serious consequences (PDF).

Turn your cell phone completely off before you enter the Testing Center!

It cannot be on silent, vibrate, or stun. You may not pick up or use your cell phone during a test!

I left something last time I took a test. Where can I get it?

The Testing Center turns all lost items in to Security. Call the East campus Security Office at (407) 582-2000 or visit them in Building F.

May I use my calculator and notes to take a test?

You may not use a calculator, notes or other aids, unless your instructor has authorized it. The Testing Center staff will inform you of what you can use before you take a test; using anything else is considered academic dishonesty (cheating), with serious consequences.

How did I score on my test?

You may find out the results for self-paced math courses at the Welcome Desk. For other tests, contact your instructor.

You may not check on the results for any student besides yourself!

Is there a place to leave my books while I take a test?

There is a bookshelf inside the Testing Center, but it is not secure. We recommend you leave all valuables in a secure place before you enter the Testing Center.