Testing Center Rules

  • Please have your Valencia photo ID, UCF photo ID, or state driver's license in your hand and ready to show at the front desk in order to receive your test, and know the last name of the teacher whose test you are taking.
  • Have all items to be used for testing in hand before entering the testing room.
  • Finish food and drinks before entering the testing room.
  • Turn cell phones and electronic devices off before entering the testing room. You may not talk on a cell phone or send or receive text messages in the testing room. Doing so is cause for an accusation of cheating. If you leave the testing room to answer a phone call or text, or for any other reason, your test is considered completed, and must be turned in.
  • Talking to other students in the testing room is cause for an accusation of cheating.
  • Only your teacher can give you permission to use additional materials (notes, books, etc.) during testing, and we must have such permission in writing. You may NOT use additional materials of any kind unless specified by the test administrator before testing.
  • Your book bags and other items should be closed and remain closed while inside the testing room. All items should be placed inside the security bag under your assigned desk.
  • All electronic devices must be placed in the security bag provided.
  • Use of the calculator function on cell phones is not permitted on any test.
  • You may not leave the testing room after you have seen your test until the test is completed. Restroom breaks are not permitted during a test. Please make a restroom stop before you come to the Testing Center.
  • You must take a test after you have seen it, and you must complete any test you begin. Allow yourself plenty of time to finish a test because you may not return later to complete it!
  • You may not write down any information from the test and take it out of the Testing Center, and you may not make copies of a test taken on the computer.
  • All scratch paper must be turned in with the test.
  • All items included with the test (tables, charts, etc.) must be turned in at the completion of the test.
  • Read instructions carefully before you begin your test. If you are not sure of directions, check with a testing staff member at the counter.
  • No tests are distributed the last hour before closing under any circumstances.
  • Tests will be collected at closing time.

Failure to comply with these regulations gives the test administrator the right to collect test materials and return them to the instructor.