Outside Proctoring

The East and Osceola campus Testing Centers will proctors exams from other institutions. Please contact those centers directly to make arrangements for proctoring.

For Proctor Students from other institutions, you must have a valid photo ID. Please be sure to bring your proctor test payment receipt with you in order to test unless your institution pays the fees for you; example WGU students. All of the above rules and hours apply to Proctor Students.

West Campus

West Campus proctors outside exams through their Continuing Education Center. Please contact Jane O'Rork @ 407-582-6777 or email at testingcenter@valenciacollege.edu.

To Have an Exam Proctored

  1. Fill out an information form (PDF) and send the information to either the East or Osceola Testing Center. Without an information sheet, the Testing Center has no way of contacting the student.
  2. Have the other institution send the exam to the Testing Center at the address on the proctor information sheet (PDF).
  3. Pay proctoring fees by simply picking up a fee slip at the Testing Center and then taking it to the Business Office.
  4. Bring the receipt from the Business Office to the Testing Center and take the test.