Reporting Incidents or Injuries

Whether it is a campus vehicle accident, concern for a student’s well-being, theft on campus, medical emergency or an employee injury, reporting incidents and injuries plays an integral part in properly documenting situations, potentially identifying health and/or safety issues, prioritizing improvements, analyzing trends and developing prevention and training opportunities.

When these incidents or injuries go unreported at the College, so does the important, timely documentation of facts, which may impact potential resources or benefits, investigative opportunities, appropriate action and/or legal obligations.

Steps for reporting:

  1. Report the incident and/or injury to Safety, Security and Risk Management or call 407-582-1000. 
  2. Employees shall notify their direct supervisor or designee of injuries as soon as possible.
  3. If emergency services are called first for an incident or injury, the reporting party or designee shall also immediately contact a representative of Safety, Security and Risk Management for the completion of a Security Incident Report. For more information on reporting, see  College Policy 6Hx28:10-01 Reporting Incidents or Injuries.

If an employee injury is reported, the employee may be eligible for applicable workers’ compensation benefits. The goal of workers’ compensation is to ensure that an employee who has a qualifying injury or illness at work:

  • Receives appropriate medical care, if applicable.
  • If applicable, receives lost wages related to the injury/illness when the employee has to be absent from work due to the injury/illness.
  • Can return to employment.

An injured employee may or may not need to seek medical attention. For more information on workers’ compensation, see the  Workers’ Compensation and Illness or Injury In Line of Duty Leave Policy and  Workers’ Compensation Frequently Asked Questions.  


For questions or additional information, please call the Organizational Development and Human Resources helpline at 407-582-4748 (HR4U) or send an email to