Valencia's Formal Recognition Programs

Recognition is a cornerstone of building a caring, engaged team — and it’s a vital component to quality leadership. It reinforces that an employee's work is essential in their area and to the organization as a whole. Learn more about Recognition Programs.

Career Anniversary

Careers at Valencia College are about so much more than years served. Career anniversaries are about the individual employee — the unique attributes, special connections and the many ways each employee contributes to student success. To learn more about career anniversaries, please visit the Career Anniversary page.

Educational Advancement

The decision to advance your education while working full-time is never easy and Valencia College wants to recognize your efforts.

If you have earned a degree from a regionally accredited institution after six months of full-time employment, you may be eligible for  Total Rewards: Recognition of Full-Time Employees for Educational Advancement Award. If you are eligible to receive the Educational Advancement Award, please complete the Educational Advancement Award application.

Application-based Programs

Recognition Program Open Deadline
Endowed Chairs for Learning Leadership Program March April
Sabbatical Leave September October
Education and Professional Development Leave September October

Nomination-based Programs

Recognition Program Open Deadline
Faculty Association Awards for Excellence in Teaching, Counseling and Librarianship January March
Innovation of the Year Awards November January
The League Excellence Awards September October

Valencia's Informal Recognition Programs

Featured Colleagues

If you would like to nominate a colleague who embodies one of Valencia College's values, please send the colleague’s name to


Recognize your colleagues by giving a badge and sharing your thoughts in a short post. It’s simple to share your appreciation and reward a job well done. Check out the badge descriptions for more details on each badge. For instructions on how to give a badge, check out the video tutorial or the printable tutorial.