Faculty Association Awards for Excellence in Counseling, Teaching and Librarianship

Who is Eligible?

All Faculty (Full-Time and Part-Time)

Nomination Process Opens:

Every year in January

Nomination Deadline:

Every year in March

The purpose of the Faculty Association Awards for Excellence in Teaching, Counseling, and Librarianship is to recognize five faculty members who have demonstrated effective and innovative teaching methods and a continuing commitment to student success through student engagement both inside and outside the classroom.

Who can be nominated?

  • All nominees must be faculty members of any type (tenured, tenure-track, annually appointed, and adjunct faculty are eligible)
  • Individuals who received an award in the previous 3 award cycles may not win, but may be nominated
  • Candidates must have been employed at the College for one year, or for three distinct semesters; administrators who teach a course are not eligible

Nomination and Selection Process

  • Anyone, including students, can nominate any professor, counselor, or librarian
  • Nominators will submit nominations online.  The nomination form will include a section for the nominator to describe his or her relationship to the nominee, and a section for a narrative describing the professor’s, counselor’s, or librarian’s greatness.
  • Nominees will receive information about the award process once a nomination is received, including a portfolio form and the stipulation that all portfolios will be assessed using a rubric. Letters of support must be dated after the nomination deadline.

Selection Committee

  • The committee’s membership shall consist of seven full-time faculty members; 1 or 2 alternates and a designated chair who doesn't vote
  • Faculty Council issues a call for members, at which time volunteers can indicate interest in chairing the committee; in the case of more volunteers than positions, Faculty Council will vote on the membership
  • The Faculty Council designates the chair
  • Membership will be for two years with approximately half of the committee continuing each year.
  • Should a member of the committee be nominated and submit a portfolio for consideration, he or she will be asked to recuse himself or herself from the committee, and an alternate will be asked to take that person’s place


  • Award winners receive a one-time stipend of $1,000 and plaque
  • All nominees will be announced through The Grove and in the Commencement Program
  • Winners receive award at Academic Assembly from the past president of the CWFA
  • Winners will be provided with information about the AFC Professor of the Year process, if applicable, and encouraged to put their names forward from Valencia College

2019 FAAECTL Recipients:

  • Lauren Thomas, Professor of Mathematics, Osceola

  • James May, Professor of English as a Second Language, East

  • Boris Dung Xuan Nguyen, Professor of Mathematics, West

  • Ryan Kasha, Professor of Mathematics, West

  • Shari Koopman, Professor of English, East

Past Recipients