Supervisors of Part Time Hourly (including hourly Faculty) and Student Employees

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is WTE?
WTE stands for "Web Time Entry".

What is a TE Organization?
A Time Entry (TE) Organization is a field used to describe a department, and it must be created in order to route electronic time sheets to the correct supervisor. Note: This is a unique identifier for each department.

What is a TE Number?
A Time Entry Organization also has a number connected to it.

How do I add new employees to my TE Organization?
By entering your TE Organization Number and Name on the EHAF.

How do I set up a Proxy?
To create a Proxy in Atlas, a training video can be found under the Employees Tab, click "Pay Information" then click on "Payroll Information". Just scroll down until you see Web Time Entry Training Videos for Supervisors. The first one is proxy set-up. The person you choose to act as your proxy will need to be a peer or higher who has supervisory responsibility in their job description.

How do I approve time sheets?
For step-by-step instructions please click here:  follow these instructions.

How am I notified that I have a time sheet pending my approval?
You will receive an automated email message.

What does ''*ERROR* Approval not allowed" mean?
This error occurs when the approve button is clicked multiple times. It will sometimes appear when the back button has been used.

How do I remove an employee from my list of employees in Atlas?

  • If the employee no longer works in the job, you will need to complete an Employee Separation Form (ESF) in Atlas.
  • If the employee listed does not report to you contact, to determine why they appear in your TE Organization.

Can Payroll return a timesheet once it is approved?

  • Payroll cannot return approved timesheets.
  • If the timesheet is "Approved" but not "Completed," click "Return Time" to pull it back.
  • If the timesheet shows "Completed," a Correction Memo will need to be completed. Please contact Payroll for this memo.

What should I do if I approved a time sheet with incorrect hours?

  • If the timesheet is in an "Approved" status, please click "Return Time" then "Return for Correction" so the employee can correct their hours or "Change Record" so you can make the necessary corrections.
  • If the timesheet is in a "Completed" status, correction forms will need to be completed before the hours can be updated. Please contact Payroll Services for the necessary form(s).

How far in the past will I be able to view employees' time sheets?
Time sheets can be viewed for two months following the pay date.

What if employee has entered all hours worked but never submitted for approval?
You will need to click "Submit" and then review and approve the hours, or click "Return for Correction" if necessary. If the employee isn't available, please click "Change Record" to make any necessary adjustments for them, save and approve.

How do I learn what my department's Time Entry Organization and Number is?
Please contact Human Resources-Records to obtain your Time Entry Org Name & Number.

What does the Delete option on the approval page do?
If you select Delete you will wipe out all hours employee has entered and saved and give the time sheet a status of Not Started.

How is shift differential earned?

  • Shift Differential is based on hours worked.
  • Must have worked 50% or more of their total hours between 5:00pm and 8:00am within the full pay period.
  • The calculation does not include paid time off (hours granted when the College is closed for emergency).
  • If the threshold is met, $0.25/hour will be added to the next available payroll for all hours worked in that pay period once the timesheet is approved.