Part-Time hourly, Work-Study Employees and hourly Part-Time Faculty (AH positions)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I view the training video on how to use Web Time Entry?
Please review the Online Web Time Entry resources and videos available to you via the EDGE.

How far in the past will I be able to view my time sheets?
Time sheets can be viewed for two months following the pay date.

When should I submit my time sheet to my supervisor for approval?
Do not submit time sheet for approval until you have completed working for that pay period. Please review  Part-Time & Work-Study Timesheet Schedule.

What should I do if I did not work any hours during the pay period?
If you did not work any hours during the two week pay period you will not need to do anything to the time sheet. Time sheets cannot be submitted for approval without hours saved on the time sheet.

What pin do I enter on the Certify page?
The pin should be the same pin/password you use to enter Atlas.

I got an error message when I accurately entered my pin on the Certify page?
Try resetting your password by clicking "Forgot Password" on the main login page. If that does not work, please call OIT Help desk at ext. 5555.

How is my supervisor notified that I have a time sheet waiting for their approval?
Your supervisor will receive an automated message that you have submitted your timesheet for approval.

What happens when my time sheet is not submitted or approved by the due date?

  • Your supervisor will need to click "Submit" then "Return for Correction" to send your timesheet back to you for completion.
  • If the current payroll has already begun, these hours will be paid on the next available payroll.
  • A manual check will not be issued if you missed your deadline to submit your timesheet.

What happens if I accidentally submit my time sheet for approval before I finished entering all my hours for the pay period?

  • If your timesheet has not yet been approved, you can click "Return Time" to pull your timesheet back.
  • If your timesheet has been approved, you must contact your supervisor and have them click "Return for Correction" so you can add/make changes and then resubmit for their approval at the end of the pay period.
  • If your timesheet is in a "Completed" status, a Correction Memo will need to be completed. Please contact Payroll for this memo.

Should I change the Shift when entering in my Time In and Time Out?
No, please leave the Shift default as 1, changing this creates errors during the payroll process.

What does "Error Submit Not Allowed" mean?
This error occurs when the submit button is clicked multiple times. It does not prevent the timesheet from being reviewed and approved.

What does "Time Transaction Already Exists" mean?
This means the save button was clicked multiple times. It does not prevent the timesheet from being reviewed and approved.

Do I need to record my lunch break?

  • Yes, you must record your time out and time back in for lunch unless you take less than 30 minutes.
  • Please remember that lunch breaks are recommended but not required.
  • If you don't take a 30 minute lunch break, you wouldn't record a break on your timesheet.
  • Eating at your desk is still considered a lunch break unless you are actually working.
  • Your supervisor can make a lunch break mandatory. They can also ask you to work through your lunch. Remember, they set the schedules to ensure that the department runs smoothly.

Do I need to record my two 15 minute breaks each day?

  • Please remember that breaks are recommended but not required.
  • Breaks are not cumulative. If departmental demands cause you to miss your morning break, you do not get 30 minutes in the afternoon. You also can't add them to your lunch break to have a longer lunch.