Valencia's International College Program with Academic Training at the Walt Disney World© Resort

Program Description

Academic Courses and Academic Training Practicum
Culture Immersion Activities
Program Fees and Income

Academic Courses and Academic Training Practicum

As part of the program, participants are enrolled as full-time students at Valencia and will receive a total of 12 credits in the following courses:  

  • Business Management Course (3 credit hours):   

This course teaches students the skills they will need as managers in today’s global economy.  Course topics include customer service, professional image, teambuilding, diversity and culture, presentation skills, decision making, communication skills, management skills, and attitude. 

  • Academic Training Practicum at the Walt Disney World Resort (3 credit hours):  

This internship course focuses on specific training roles at the Walt Disney World Resort including on-the-job learning activities.  Students will earn an hourly rate of pay.  

  • Academic Training Online Course (3 credit hours):   


Business Management

Restaurant Seaters

This professional development course guides students through their internship course via reflective assignments in constructing a personal career development plan.  Once the academic training practicum has begun, the faculty member meets with students to discuss program goals and assignments.  Assignments are monitored via email and chat rooms for the duration of the program.  

Students can choose from any one of nine Disney Collegiate Courses:   Advanced Studies in Hospitality Management, Corporate Analysis, Corporate Communication, Creativity and Innovation, Human Resource Management, Interactive Learning Program, Experiential Learning, Marketing You, and Organizational Leadership. Disney Collegiate Courses are recommended for credit by the American Council on Education.     

Students receive a certificate from Valencia upon successful completion of the program, and a transcript with letter grades is provided to their home institution.

Cultural Immersion Activities

A primary objective of the J Exchange Visa is to provide students with cultural experiences which include the opportunity to meet American students, learn about college life in the United States, and learn about our region’s culture and history.   As part of these activities, we look forward to learning about your culture and benefiting from an exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Examples of scheduled activities include such things as:

SeaWorld Manatee Sign Student Group

Winter Park Boat Tour-Student Group

Bus to work


Students will spend approximately six to eight hours in class per week, plus approximately four hours per week for homework. Courses will not be scheduled during major U.S. holiday weeks.  During the academic training practicum, students will be scheduled at the Walt Disney World Resort between 30 and 37.5 hours per week except during peak seasons when they will be scheduled more than 37.5 hours. 

Program Fees and Income


Application Fee: $50

Tuition and Fees: $2450

Injury and Sickness Insurance: $563

SEVIS Fee: $180

Disney Program Assessment Fee: $154.50 payable online after acceptance.

Living Expenses (approximate):

  • You must have enough money when you start the program for initial expenses and to support yourself until you receive your first paycheck in the second week. We recommend that you have at least $400 for this purpose. Expect to pay for such initial expenses as bedding and other apartment items ($100-$200), shoes and other clothing expenses ($50-$100), food, and personal items.
  • Housing and transportation costs: Disney will deduct the cost of your housing and bus transportation (approximately $100/week) from your weekly paychecks. The exact amount will depend on the size of your apartment. 
  • Food: $75 per week
  • Personal expenses: $50 per week
  • Course materials: $6-$120 depending on the course


You will earn an hourly wage of at least minimum wage (currently $7.67).  You will be scheduled a minimum of 30 hours per week and a maximum of 37.5 hours per week when classes are in session.  During holiday periods, classes are not in session and you can expect to work more than 37.5 hours per week.  Thus, a student in a six-month program will gross a minimum of $5263 ($7.67/hour x 30 hours/week x 24 weeks.)  Be aware that U.S. income taxes and your housing fees will be deducted from each paycheck, which will reduce the total amount of money that is available to you for spending.

The Walt Disney World Resort is required by law to withhold income taxes from your paychecks.  By April 15 of the next year you must submit a federal income tax return to determine whether you owe more taxes or are owed a refund by the U. S. government.  Valencia and the Walt Disney World Resort will provide you with information on how to file your U. S. income tax return.